1. A


    Hi All, some time since I have looked in on the forum and have forgotten how to use it. Looked at the tyres on the car and they were manufactured in 1989! So, despite having some tread left they will need to go. The problem is finding suitable replacements for the rear which, currently, are BF...
  2. S

    Pre Purchase Inspection Recommendation

    Hi all, First post to this forum and hopefully an owner of a GT40 in the very near future so please be gentle to a newbie :) I want to get a pre purchase inspection performed on a GTD and I’m looking for recommendations from this forum if possible. I’ve been through Fortyfication and...
  3. J

    not sure of correct forum to ask

    in my previous post I asked about some XE small block parts. I am trying to help an estate ID and value some items. the next piece is not a gt-40 but it is a mid engine small block ford powered racecar. tube chasis, 4spd top loader trans axle fiberglass body labeled Sutter. right now i need some...
  4. Joystick

    Scandinavian SL-C build

    Hello forum members,a short intro, my name is Johan, live in Sweden and I received my SL-C a week before cristmas last year. Back in the middle of the -80 I lived in the US for almost three years. During the initial period I shared an apartment with an american guy who later became my best...
  5. G

    Hello from Miami

    I’m new to the post and just purchased my GT40 roller from Active Power Cars. I will be asking for advise from experts and pros on this forum. Thank you.
  6. Veek

    Early CAV MONO Steering Rack Bushing

    After 16 years, it looks like the outer bushing on my steering rack has gone to pieces. Has anyone replaced the seal/bushing and/or know where I can locate a replacement? Unfortunately, I don't know the source of the rack and perhaps another forum member might recognize it. The location of the...
  7. A

    Hello from Italy

    Hi all, I'm following this forum from some years and just this summer I started to work to my own GT40 scratch build project (after one year spent in planning). It will be a quite long project and I hope to have a lot of fun. For the moment I'm still in the early construction stage for the...
  8. 5

    What happened to the SPF forum???

    Just noticed the SPF forum is gone??? What possible reason could there be for destroying such a valuable resource? For SPF owners (and wannabes like me) it is the principle reason this site even exists--and the principle reason we choose to support it with cash contributions from time to time...
  9. J

    Entering the GT40 world

    Hi guys, Just joined the forum and have been reading through lots of GTforte build logs. Im getting realy tempted to go ahead with my dream of building my own GT40 soon since Ive finally got my garage at home all sorted. Thinking of taking the route of welding up a GTforte chassis kit...
  10. Ron Earp

    Spam - read me!

    Hi Folks, The forum has been under many changes and development from our older developer, Harry of Magneticat. He's doing a good job and installing updates as well as additional protections against spammers, of which we have an extraordinary amount. Harry has also fixed broken items, like...
  11. M


    You now have to pay a $395 subscription with photobucket to copy and paste images onto 3rd party websites such as this.... thus posting on the forum becomes a no go for me. Any other options?
  12. R

    Hello for Houston Texas

    I've been reading a lot of post on this forum and I am very close to pulling the trigger on a RCR GT-R. I look forward to all the help that will come from this forum. I presently have a FFR Roadster that I built. Love the roadster but have alway wanted a GT. I'm a retired manufacturing...
  13. L

    Can Am M1 - the last one ...

    After designing and racing a Can Am M1 I thought I share the build of my version of this race car. I am located in Southern Germany and pay great respect to the forum and the amazing energy and creativity of this community. Hope that my pics upload ok ..
  14. M

    GT-40 T shirt

    First, note to Moderator. If this is in the wrong place, please move. I subscribe to ReinCarNation magazine. The attached link is to an ad for a shirt that may be of interest to Forum Members. I have no interest in the magazine or the shirt. Mike GTO40 Tshirt
  15. G

    Found a Transaxel in the UK, Any Trusted GT40 Member Want To Help Out?

    Not sure where best to post this. I found a transaxel I am interested in purchasing located in Scotland, but barring a flight overseas, being in Canada I can't check it out myself. I'm also a careful person and would like to know what I'm buying is what the guy says it is. Are there any...
  16. T

    Hello from Toronto, Ontario!

    Hello, my name is Tino and I have a kit-car obsession. I'm not allowed to send PM's to forum admin without at least one post, so this is it! My current project car is a FFR GTM, Gen.1 If a moderator or site admin sees this, I'd like information about becoming a forum sponsor...
  17. Charlie Farley

    GT40 Gold Parts . com

    Hello Fellow Forum Members, Just a short note, to let those know that follow the reproduction of original parts, that I'm finally back in the saddle and will very soon be undertaking a major revision of the offerings on the website. Having spent a very large portion of my time last year...