One of the good guys

Rob Bromfield

GT40s Supporter
I recently had a front brake seizure which destroyed all of the rubber in my front suspension. (See Brake Seizure )
My local autofactors were only willing to sell me complete ball joints, track rod ends etc when all I needed was the dust covers. Unfortunately the guys at my nearest Ford parts department (a round trip of 60 miles!) didn't have a clue as to the parts I was showing them as some of the parts were probably older than the sales rep!
Anyway, I started surfing the web and came up with a company called South Wales Propshafts who were not only willing to sell me the dust covers but also all of the bushes which had been fried. To top it all the bits arrived the next day.
I have no connection with this company other than as a very satisfied customer.
If you want to see their site than go to South Wales Prophafts