Origional T70 Moulds??

Yes !!! Absolutly they are !!
As TWM is the former Specialised mouldings company being the original company who carried all Lola mouldings for years and Years
This is afantastic auction to be there ad acquire those tools : invaluable stuff for sure !!
Pretty cool. There's a complete 3B bodywork set as well lower on the page, except for the cockpit and seats. Would not want to ship that across the ocean, agreed!
some fairly steep prices in the end for the T70 moulds and panels noted a few prices down if anybody is interested, managed to buy some screens and an undertray
I bought a glass screen and 3 acrylic screens unidentified but one was a T70 spider screen hence the purchase, will try and identify the glass screen looks like some form of group c car screen but not lola. Think the Mk 1 molds fetched the most over £20000 with all fees and vat, spider and 3b molds @ £11000 for each set with fees, mk2 spider nose and tail just over £3k with fees. If you wanted 3B nose tail doors and sills sold individually but in total @£7500