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Moving along nicely...
I thought the last picture I saw of P1008 that it had Borani wire wheels... I'll see if I can find it if you like.

Actually the picture I have is not clear enough to see the wheels but the knock offs look like those on the Borani wheels..
My apologies..
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Hi Randy, I'm certain we've had this discussion before and Gt40P/1008 now sits on the five spoke wheels. I think Alan Feldman went into the history, but the wheels on my car actually came from GT40P/1002, otherwise known as Felix as its' registration number was "FEL 1C" My wife "eagerly" (not) had a quick look and could only find pictures of 1002 with the five "FAV" wheels on a Scalextric slot car! I'm pretty sure my wheels are not 1/2" in diameter and plastic! Someone else said they saw a picture of 1008 with Graham Hill stood next to it with the five spokers. Please could I ask you guys to search for pictures of both 1002 and 1008 to see if they had the five spoke wheels or not. This would solve a puzzle. Best Regards.. Andrew
Attached is a picture of 1008 in one of it's identities in Gulf livery. At present in Mk11 guise it is on a set of Vintage wheels Halibrand type.

Period pictures in various books from 1965 show 1008 with borrani wheels.

There is a picture of 1008 in Linden Green in 1994 in The Ford that beat Ferrari (P442) that shows 5 spoke wheels (John Allen photo).



P/1042 (1001)

The speedometer you see in the dashboard shots is a reproduction Smiths-GT40 gauge from GT40 Gold Parts in the UK. However, after discussions with Dave Brown, it's been decided to replace it with the original speedo from GT40P/1013, the Ford press car, which featured in many motoring magazines in the mid 1960s (see separate photo).


Hi Andrew I know we had this topic before. I was told that BRM/Rubery Owen style wheels were available in 5 or 6 spoke. All the small block MKI were running on 6 spokes in the 1966 Le Mans. The 5 spoke wheels were seen on the 1968 P68 Ford 3 litre. From Claude I found out that there was an US version of the 6 spoke that was tested on the MKIV. Many book caption writers got fooled by GT40P/1006 the 1965 FAV entry at the 1965 running on Borranis they thought that because of the wire the car must have been running the previous year?
Regards Allan
Hi Alan, not sure I follow that altogether, but it wouldn't explain why one of the five spokes on each wheel is embossed with the word "GT40". Anyone?

Well, at last, some news. The interior is almost complete, the motor has turned via the starter key and the electrics are finished. Final job is hubs, shafts and wheels fitted! It will be back in the UK next Spring, it will, it will.. I think!



A red letter day Andrew! There should at least be a ticker tape parade. It will be an astonishing and unique car for sure..and judging by the recent photographs it has been really well executed..... :thumbsup:
Fantastic. think i will have to read through it for a 3rd time to let it sink in.
Thank you for sharing Andrew.

Regards Ryan
P/1042 (1001)

Hi Ryan, yes it's a bit complicated, but basically it began in 2008 with the discovery of the original bodywork off GT40P/1001, then some old chassis sections, VIN short motor and papers from P/1042, and here we are today, still waiting! The fascinating thing for me, is to unearth new evidence about the car e.g. only this week, a work colleague of my wife's, found another period photograph of the car which we had not seen before. Here is that picture, taken at Villarreal in 1968, with John Rayburne at the controls. The GT40 placed 10th. Spot the other GT40s and Lotus Europa 47.



Hi Mike, to recap- GT40P/1042 was consumed by fire at Monza in 1968 (see photo). That car was rebuilt and according to Ronnie Spain's 2000 edition, it's always been resident in Italy. However GT40P/1042 was owned and raced by Belgium racing driver Jean Blaton in the 1980s and 1990s. This car now lives in France, and is a well-known GT40 in the classic racing circles. It is painted red with white stripes. I have no idea if someone like Sbarro has had anything to do with the confusion. All I know is that the Blaton car was rebuilt by Chris Chilles in 2000. The parts of my car and papers stem from this car, but my VIN is P/1042. As I am trying not to get my GT40 confused with the "original" GT40P/1042, I have concentrated upon the history of the bodywork which came off GT40P/1001. That car was Essex Wire white with red stripes, then green stripes when Sid Taylor owned it in 1967, then yellow when Andrew Cox owned it from 1968 Etc. The car in the previous photo is 1001, hence yellow. Please look again at the restoration photo below for all the old colours unearthed when the body was rubbed down and you'll see that yellow. Hope this helps.. Andrew
P.S. my car is now painted in the white green stripes of Sid Taylor racing.


Hello GT40 lovers, this is what I consider makes my project so interesting- I received an email out of the blue, regarding Malaya Garage, a UK motor dealership from the 1960s, who owned and raced GT40P/1001 back in 1968-70. You can read and see photographs of the car in their yellow colour scheme back in the earlier pages of this thread. This email was from a gentleman named "Cliff", who is conducting historical research about the area of Horsham, Sussex, England. Malaya Garage was situated in a village outside of Horsham and the GT40 must have been a real eye-opener driving around that sleepy village back in the late 1960s. Cliff has kindly furnished me (us), with a photograph of the garage taken back in those days. I'm not sure what type of cars the garage was selling, but you can see some of their motors for sale behind the showroom windows. I've attach the photo and copied out Cliff's complete email for you below-

"Hello Andrew,*
I read with interest your threads on the GT40s.com, I thought you might like to see this photo of the early Malaya
Garage in High Street Billingshurst.
this building has since been flattened to make way for a bakery and housing.
I posted this photo earlier today on Facebook -- *Memories of Horsham. this forum attempts to catalogue the
history of Horsham from those that still remember, this includes the surrounding villages*
Billingshurst being one of them, *I could post a photo of the GT40 in Malaya livery to help jog a few memories if you
wish from those who actually worked for Malcolm Bridgeland, It might help,
or please feel free to post it yourself in your quest for parts and piecing together the history of this beautiful car.
Good luck in your fine work.
Kind Regards
Cliff Durant." * *


Glenn M

I live in Horsham Andrew and I remember Malaya being in Billingshurst in the early eighties. They were a Porsche dealership in those days.
Dear Andrew,

All the best for your fine work, hope you and your wife can enjoy the car this summer !
Best regards from Switzerland, Marcel

"GENTLEMEN- START YOUR ENGINES"! To be exact- one engine. Yes, the momentous day has finally arrived and the matching numbers (CP.004) 289ci in P/1042 has fired up. Thanks to the guys at Classic Car Developments in New Zealand and especially to John Shand who agreed to leave his newly-wed wife in Tonga to help get my GT40 finished. What's more, there's this video of the first start for all you GT40-lovers to share in my excitement. Click here please-
Original 1966 Ford GT40 Motor Firing Up After Rebuild - YouTube