Paddle shift for H-pattern gearbox

Randy V

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I haven’t seen or heard of this particular one, but MasterShift (I believe) had one that would strip a gearbox so clean you had to pick up the pieces with a mop and a magnet. Biggest trouble was people expected clutchless shifts both up and down and the shifter did not manage the clutch. These guys indicate that it will do clutchless upshifts - but you have to wonder how much wear it’s introducing to the sliders and dogs of a normally synchronized transmission...
A big part of me wonders about the appeal of these systems. Any retro car like a GT40 or Lola T70 is fairly un-aero, so it will not corner as fast as a modern full bore track car. So why even bother trying to use a system like this to eek out a second a lap when putting real aero hardware on the car would net several seconds per lap? Way too much risk for the reward.