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Randy V

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This can be a problem for literally any fiberglass body...
I uncovered or forced the pinholes to reveal themselves with a small plastic tipped hammer and tapping literally every square inch of the body on my car. Actually, I found a few air bubble voids as well where the fiberglass was not laying on the gel coat.
Yes, heat cycles will also help them show as the air pressure inside the void or pin hole will increase and cause the gel coat to fail at that point.
Pete I pretty much sanded all the gel coat off of mine there were just to many pins holes air bubbles and voids. I have over 500 hours in body work and paint. It is a lot of work to get it perfect. But remember these bodies never were made to be high end show car.
They are track cars, hit a wall and its a who cares kinda thing. Throw a new piece on a get going.
Do this #*%^! things ever end????:furious:

I find the best way to deal with them is when I put the first coat of high build primer. At that point you can fill them with 2 part spot putty or if they are really small with the high build primer. One method is to use a very small paint brush and force the primer into the pin hole, over filling it. You are going to sand the high build primer any way so don't worry about making a mess.


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Doing some interior upgrades before spring. Covered exposed aluminum on the seats with vinyl. Much improved look.



Pete the wrap looks GREAT!
I have a question on your seats. I bought the same seats and was wondering how you mounted yours. Thanks

Howard Jones

PETE! Really nicely done. Congratulations. It's easy to see that the entire car is really thought out and carefully executed. You did good work buddy!!!!

This wrap alternative is really becoming a great option to paint. I see you didn't paint it first. Is there any undercoat? When I was considering wrapping mine I asked the wrap guy and he hadn't done that yet but he didn't see why not either. Good to see that your guy was good with it also.

I predicted when I was looking into this that paint would become a minority finishing method for the hot rod community. The wide variety of possible graphic schemes is just too attractive to ignore. And the cost differences in comparison to paint is irresistible.

Could you give us a idea what it cost to do your car?


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Thanks for the compliments guys!

I sprayed most of the body with high build primer before the wrap. They did have some trouble getting the wrap to stick to the primer, I probably should have use some primer sealer over the high build primer. Cost for the wrap was $2700.