Phenolic spacer paper gasket air leak solution required please

Yesterday I took my 40 to John Sleath racing at Doncaster to try and get it running properly.

To cut a long story shorter, it turned out when the engine heated up it caused air leaks of various severity at the base of most of the carbs, and at one point on the inlet manifold.

I had fitted phenolic spacers and once these were removed the evidence of what was causing the leaks was plain to see, as the paper gaskets supplied with them had failed to various degrees as can be seen from exhibit A for the prosecution picture.
So how I need advice on how to rectify this.

Quick search online and John found these gaskets online he thought would work

Subsequently I found these which although are expensive if they work the quality would be remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Finally if I could find someone to machine the spacers and these fit it could also be a possible solution suggested by a couple of other customers who chipped in to help with diagnosis / spanning having finished dynoing their engine. ( At one point they did mention something about payment, I said they didn’t have to pay me, I would let them have the honour of working on such a car for free)

Any other options / advice gratefully considered.



Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
May be barking up the wrong tree, but are your ITBs operated by a solid continuous throttle shaft rather than being segmented? Hmmm, you did say carbs though.

Eddy McClements

Hi Nick

A long time ago, when we were fitting DCOEs to Mini and Escort manifolds, we were told (and found out for ourselves it was true) that Weber flanges were easily distorted if rigid fasteners were used, and then they would leak air for evermore. The only thing which worked were the Misab plates you linked to, and sprung-loaded stud & nut retainers:-




All available at Merlin Motorsport (and Demon Tweeks and here