Phil Watkins Gt40 Build (Race)

Hi All,
I now have the start of my project track car GT40 in the shed. Im in Melbourne Australia and have bought an abandoned project that consits of a RF shell (in undercoat) and a chassis from the Ozclubbies form 19 car build.

General plan is to build and use as a track car and log book as sports car with cams. Initial thoughts are 5 ltr supper chaged ford with Albins 6 speed trans axle, Ap or brembo braking, on board jacking, extinguisher, motec management, and all suspension components chassis mods fabricated and designed in house. There will also be updates on my FB page, guess I need to start a image bank or cloud something to share direct to forum.:embarassed:

Randy V

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Welcome aboard Phil.
I moved this to the Build Logs forum.