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Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Hi Randy

On the old software mine was a rotating V8 - now stationary, however when I look in the top corner it still rotates!
Have i done something daft?


Randy V

Lifetime Supporter
The software here automatically crops the image into a circle and posts that image as the avatar. I’m afraid I can’t help beyond that. If you have the time or are so inclined ,there are some Xenforo support forums that may hold the answer you’re looking for....
As you can tell from the included image below (which is what I uploaded as my avatar), even us moderators get the butchered version....


Brian Kissel

Lifetime Supporter
If you want to add a picture to your avatar, left top hit the menu. I think first one down should be your name. Open that and it will give you the option to add a picture. I believe anyway.
Best of luck.

Regards Brian