Possibly new owner of P2148 GT40

Hello all,
I'm in the early stages of purchasing P2148 GT40 build date of summer of 2007. This car is complete, 2100 miles, 427, 8 pack. Built buy Olthoff Racing . I have an aggred price of 176k. Deposit placed .Does anyone know any history on this car ?

Its listed at www.vanguardmotorsports.com

Thanks for any info provided

Thank you . In your opinion is this priced right? I have the latest price sheets from superformance. I've estimated over 200k to build this exact car.

Larry L.

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See if you can get the OWNERS name and phone number and quiz him directly about the car. If the dealer gives you the run around there - RED FLAG.

In any event, have a PPI done on the car BEFORE you buy. It could save you major headaches and many dollars down the road.

The car LOOKS STELLAR though!


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Check if the front sway bar is in working order...... early cars had an issue (splines stripped out).
From the pictures it seems that this car still has the original setup!?

Compare to this recently sold car
Would I inspect at the steering knuckles or at the frame mounts ?

Thanks for the info.

Btw what did the blue car sell for in your link? Sold price not listed.

Larry L.

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Btw what did the blue car sell for in your link? Sold price not listed.
I can't recall ever seeing any dealer list his "sold" prices.

I believe the asking price on the blue car was $150K or thereabouts...but, I'm OLD...so...