Post IVA registration


Hi there newbie here so please forgive the stupidity of the nature of the question to all the many experts on here …. following a successful IVA test what age plate is your car, age related or Q..
Much appreciate anyone trying to help an idiot...!!
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Brian Magee

Hi Marcus

The simple answer is that the IVA tester examines the car to see if it conforms with the build regulations. Assuming it passes they give you a certificate which you send to the DVLA with all of your major bills and they then decide if it has a new registration or 'Q'.



Thanks for the response Brian.... Any idea what percentage get Qs …..obviously a Q on a beautiful recreation would I am sure be disappointing....any guys out there got any tales to tell....
Much appreciate anyone taking the time to respond
If you can prove age of parts ........ Like all new from manufacter You should get a cert of newness or if you got parts from here there and every were and cant prove age ... you might get a Q .

I got a cert of newness and i got an 18 Reg plate .


Really nice of you guys to respond... that's clearer now.... basically I got an option on a barn find kit never registered.... am wondering how much trouble i'm asking for to get it through an IVA to get it registered as most likely a Q.... Being a novice it's a bit daunting having tread the treads from you fellas about the DVLA IVA test.... Anybody cheers me up telling me how easy it is... or does anyone know if there is a company out there that can provide an IVA assistance service...? ?

Ian Anderson

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I bought a stalled project.
It was n the first owners garage 15 years.
When I bought it I said I would like all documentation he had and got enough to get a normal plate. SVA and in 2006!

Info here

There used to be a points system, and new engine x points, gearbox y points brakes .....
If you proved more than a set number were new with invoices you got a new plate.



Thanks Ian for being kind enough to respond......I believe things have moved on a little.... it appears to be a minefield for the novice.... sad thing is I got a great project option but with many mixed parts my only option looks to be an IVA test conformity and then a Q plate.... which IMO would not be ideal... Its a real pain I'd love to get her actually on the road... !!!
Hi Marcus ....... I'm not trying to be negative ...... however you describe the car as a 'Barn Find Kit', do you know what make the kit is and how old. The standards of the IVA test are now much higher and an old kit will have many areas where it will be non-compliant. If you are considering buying it, I VERY STRONGLY advise that you get someone from the GT40 Enthusiasts Club to look at the car with you and get some experienced input.
The car has the potential to be a problem and could involve a great deal of cash and time. I'm not saying it can't be done ........ but you need to tread very carefully.
Hi Marcus,
Don’t let the age of the vehicle put you off putting it through the IVA. I’ve recently helped get a 30 year old KVA through the IVA last year – see KVA Project (by Tony Browne) in the build logs and my own build log (Norfolk Tornado) covers a lot of the issues that specific to IVA testing – happy reading!
You will need a good understanding of the IVA manual and sound automotive engineering practice of how vehicles are built, but it’s all feasible for the home builder
Hi Marcus, I fully agree with Andy. Make sure sound engineering principles are fully adhered to. If they see that then you’ll impress them that the car is well and safely built. The inspector needs to have confidence he’s not releasing an unsafe vehicle onto the road.
Cheers Roger