Professional Car Inspection.

Does anyone know who is knowledgeable enough & is willing to offer their services (at an agreeable fee) to carry out a detailed inspection of my recent purchase. I wish to gather as mush information about its construction as is possible. I know the car possess quite a number of original parts & I'm keen to have these identified and where possible attribute them to the original chassis they had once belonged. Mr Spain has already given his comments regarding the chassis but I would like a second opinion. The Drury family believed it to be an original Abbey Panels unit & certain details support that this could be the case. Its clearly no copy done in the last 2-3 decades. I guess all those owners with the real McCoy will be very guarded but this mono will never challenge anyone's chassis history.
Hi Mike, Yes I had thought of approaching these guys but I would prefer someone who is a motoring historian with a bent for certain marques. I did ponder asking someone like Gelscoe to totally strip the car and realy do some forensics on it (costly) but that can still be done once I have a more hard facts in front of me.
best Sim.
Hi Sim,

I know Ronnie Spain very well and know how he works and the depth of his knowledge. Whatever he has told you about this chassis will be correct, don't waste your money asking for another opinion in the hope of getting a different answer. Ronnie's opinion is not motivated by money nor will it be altered by money.


Hi, not sure quite how to read your comment but sure hope your not suggesting that was going do something pretty stupid here. I don't know the man & I'm sure your right as he is spoken of elsewhere with very high regard. Anyway this is an open forum so anyone can make a contribution I guess.
Simon, I believe what Graham is saying is that you don't need a second opinion such as your statement here: "Mr Spain has already given his comments regarding the chassis but I would like a second opinion."

Ronnie Spain (aka Mr. Spain) is considered the leading guru on GT40s and fits what you are looking for "a motoring historian with a bent for certain marques." That literally defines Ronnie Spain

Anyway, he was just trying to tell you there isn't going to be a much better answer if you did indeed get info from Ronnie Spain (aka Mr. Spain).

Hope that helps
Hello Kevin, if you go to the doctors & your unsure of what your being told is quite right you ask for a second opinion, yes, and more often than not your told exactly the same thing by another doctor, yes, but not always? & it hasn't anything to do with my referencing to Mr Spain. No mater,
Thanks, I have no horse in this race. Was simply trying to offer an interpretation of "Hi, not sure quite how to read your comment".

I can assure you that I am indifferent if you want to hire someone else or not. Best of luck with your quest, I hope you share your results.
"Ronnie's opinion is not motivated by money nor will it be altered by money". That's the bit in case you missed it Kevin!
Sorry Sim, no offense intended. My point is that Ronnie's opinion is true and honest and is based purely on fact and I don't believe that there is anyone else that can give you a more solid opinion.

In your opening post you state that "certain details support that this could be the case" for the Drury chassis having been made by Abbey Panels whereas in reality ALL the details would have to be correct as it has never been raced or required any repairs so it should be as it left Abbey Panels. With sight of certain areas of the chassis, it would be relatively easy to tell one way or the other.


Graham, it's forgotten. Like everyone here I'm into my cars & yes I have taken a punt on this because its so nice, & there is a story in the car if only because of the Drury family background (I believe Mr Drury had 3 cars in short succession which is quite something for a private individual of the time). I had previously read elsewhere about the great respect Mr Spain has among all the GT fraternity & in no way sort to disregard what he has said (not directly to me, incidentally) about this car. I am an inquisitive sod & just like digging about. It wont be a keeper as in truth I never realy rated these cars that much (T70 is more my thing). It's a great forum with a lot of passionate enthusiasts, what a boring load of T***** we all must appear.
Thanks again,
Hi Simon, that's a great car indeed.
It's easy, I think you need to speak to Sean Singleton, he built the chassis. I thought people knew this anyway.
If you would like his number I can give it to you.

Best regards, Boris.
Hi Simon, no problem, he's a nice guy and Im sure it's fine.

Have been a long times since I was here, will try figure how to send.