racecar build

Hi guys, thanks for the reply's nice to get a conformation that someone is reading this shit.

@ Russel, thats true, but after 3 sets of front wishbones, I'm getting a little bid tired of the hole wishbone theme, I want to drive it

@ Terry, the Axle tubs are Ford cortina based. They are widely used in stockcar f2. You can get very nice alloy hubs and stuff for them, the are also very cheap at 25 euro a piece

@ michel, you are right, these have a 12mm hole inside and the max angle isn't very big. But in the mean time we have made a correct set of wishbones witch give's us enough wheel travel within the max balljoint angle.

@ rick, very true, we look in to that

@ frank, I think that europe has the most rules about everything, in Holland it is virtualy impossible to get your home build car on the road, you almost have to make 2 of them so that the can crash one in the wall and see what is happend with it. Just ridiculous :furious::furious::furious:

back to the build.

As I'm easily side tracked from any project it is also happening with this build. To be honest, I bought a Mazda RX7 witch I would like to convert to a trackday car sometime, thing is after I completly stripped it, it has became clear that it would take a lot of time to get running again. So I parked the car behind my shop, waiting for better times.

another side project is kind of cool and usefull for this car.

The last couple of months I build a CNC controled plasma table.

I'm not going to write up the complete build, but here are some pictures.

After biting the bullet I bought a Hypertherm plasma source and it cutting like a dream.
10mm mild steal without any beavel or dross.

nice adition to the machine park. https://myalbum.com/photo/OvtQNOM0lAig/540.jpg[/IMG]

Jon made the engine mounts ( old scool wthe the grinder ) I started on the rear upright. Our first idea was to cast some nice alloy uprights, but because we both don't have any experience in casting stuff, we abandond that idea. After some fiddeling behind the pc we designd a rear upright. of course we cut it on our own plasma table

the upright is made from 2mm high tensile steel plate and uses a Ford Sierra wheelbearing
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Continues to look great. Like the plasma table. Wish I was not out of room in the shop...

...Our first idea was to cast some nice alloy uprights, but because we both don't have any experience in casting stuff, we abandond that idea....
We've taken to 3D printing parts and then using that print for "lost wax" casting. Our first attempt at a big part, a 2GR-FE Intercooled Supercharger manifold, should be this weekend.
Hi Peter, You'd be surprised how many people are reading this. I for one, am following with interest, and it's great what you're doing. keep up the progress pictures.
Regards, Udo.
Hi Guys, The update on this forum made a littel mess of my last 3 post, so I deleted some and wil make a couple of new ones.

back end first,

made the gearbox support

Realy happy with how the rear end turned out.

After making all the wishbone's and tacking them, I coud put the engine and gearboax back.

Measuring the driveshafts, the inner joint is from VW/Audi and the outer joint is form Ford.
The Audi drive shafts are hollow, the Ford ones are solid, will make a press fit and them weld them.
If that does'n work, I'l have them custom made.

machined down and ready for press fitting.

Update time:

With the rear uprights in place we could start looking at the drive shafts.

We sourced some Audi A6 drive shafts of witch we need the gearbox side and some Ford shafts for the wheel side.

Luckily the Audi ones are hollow and the Ford one's are solid.

So after machining them to a press fit I will press them together ( Will do that later as I'm not sure about the length )

So with the rear end kind of sorted we could go back to the front end.
As we had the wishbone's and uprights in place we could start mounting the steering rack.

some carefull measuring ;)

some CAD drawing

We came up with 2 brackets

test fit

As I'm building this car with my best mate Jon we are always day dreaming about going to the track together and have awesome weekend ( thats why we started building this car ). But I must say, it is simpelerr said than done, building your car from scratch.
So talking online to a former race mate about our car he suggested buying his racecar so that we had a car to go to the track, enjoy ourselfs and renew our energy for this project.

So this is what Jon bought:

A 1989 van Diemen Formula Forward

the only problems was it came like this

minor detail
The engine had a conrod failure so first thing was to source a replacement engine block

striped the engine for full rebuild.

The original engine had a flowed head with special made camshafts so we had the head rebuild

The camshafts have some serious lift so the pistons require a pocket to clear the valves

made a drawing

next update coming soon
Mooie projecten peter
Waarom pak je bij je scratch bouw racer geen audi voorste wiel lagers en naaf dan ben je klaar met alleen een audi as
Maar je zult hier een goede reden voor hebben
Groeten hans kruizinga