Raptor Pro not working

I picked my car up from the mechanic today. Was having ride height, camber, caster and toe adjustment. I noticed my raptor pro was not working. The light on the transmitter was flashing red, so I figured it to be the battery. When I got home, I changed the battery and it was still not working. I opened up the dash and all the fuses checked out good. I took the top off the raptor receiver and the power light shows green. I tried pairing them per the instructions but the unit will not pair. Has anyone had this problem before and any solutions. Any help would be appreciated.
The Raptor Pro system is made by Summit Technology. It is a wireless push button system that attaches to the steering wheel. It controls lights, blinkers, ect.
Have you tried disconnecting you battery and re-connecting it? … or power supply connector if easily accessible. Mine stopped working, reset the battery and started working fine after.