Rcr mk iv

I'm considering options for my next project car.

What is the status of the RCR MK IV series? Have any been completed?

Anybody have pictures or links to active builds?

Fran... talk to me?

You mean like this one..

still building them regularly..

Have a yellow one readying to ship out and a black one in process right now....

Call us at the shop and have a chat


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Those cars are simply beautiful...

Fran I'll call you once a get a little further along
with the thought process on my next project

Thx for the info.


D. Nye

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The black one is mine and could not be more excited!

Fran the engine will be shipped this week so those headers can be fitted.

With the turbine wheel option and the ability to mount a Ford 7 liter in the engine bay this makes a great car like all the cars Fran makes. I don't think there is a better looking car than a Mk IV.