RCR SLC for sale (abandoned on the sidewalk???)

I had to laugh at the comments from the guy selling the unfinished (unstarted?) SLC on Ebay: Replica/Kit Makes: eBay Motors (item 170550444150 end time Oct-15-10 20:08:21 PDT)




In the Questions and Answers at the bottom of the page:

Q: The kit cost from RCR is $44K what did you add to get to $80K?
A: that is the basic package which is 50,000. i have the upgraded package along with two V8 engines. the package from them does not include any engine at all..

Q: Its an SL-C from SUPERLITECARS - 586-329-1573 in Detroit...did you buy it from them?
A: yes it is. the kit itself cost 80,000. im selling it completed with two engines for that price. it takes about 500 hours to build the car. i left it a bit unfinished for the right person who will like to build it their own way. dont hesitate to ask away.

"I left it a bit unfinished...." Understatement of the year!!!
I would like to know what this guy is smoking! What you can see the motor looks like a junk yard special...would like to see the other 1/2 of the motor

Fran Hall RCR

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He obviously really likes the car and plans on keeping it...as he will not be selling at that price...

Dont know the full story but the seller is not the guy that purchased the car from us...If I remember correctly it was supposed to be an Electric/hybrid build...
...it definitely won't be burning any fossil fuel while it's sitting on the sidewalk like that :)

Fran Hall RCR

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One of the questions is mine too...asking if he bought it from me....

Seems he got the car for free and he is a 22 YO that admitted he was going to advertise that he designed the car....we exchanged a few emails last night..

I told him about the cost of a new kit complete with new engine and trans and his reply was

"Thanks. I got it for free so either way I don't lose anything if u know what I mean. "

"Ok thanks for the information. Well I want to sell it for more. Get some profit of it. I meant the deluxe kit. I got it from my friend so I don't know much about it. It was our project and now it's for sale. If it doesn't sell I will relist it lower. I believe I am the only one with one in los Angeles so that's why I'm selling it for 85000"..

Oh the exuberance of youth.......

Fran Hall RCR

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The funniest part is that some individuals spend all their time being consumed by RCR/Fran Hall /SL-C....what a less than fullfilling life they must have.....:laugh:...guess they have not paid full attention to the cars running on track/street in the USA and Australia...
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I got it for free but I want to sell in...sitting outside, unloved for 85 large.
22 AND a Crack Smoker....But then it's LA ... :)
That seller is one weird, or stupid, guy....probably a bit of both.

I bet if you showed up with $10 grand in cash you'd be loading up a nice SL-C project onto your trailer...
Lol - he's willing to sell me the body and chassis for $7k. I'm going to try talking him down to $3k

On a completely unrelated note, how much would you buy back a SLC for Fran? $12k? No particular reason I'm asking :drunk:
Showing up with 10Grand cash in some parts of LA would likely get you shot and your body found later in the burned and smoldering ruins of the car you drove in with...

Sorry... this sort of thing HAS happended in reality for a lot less than 10 Large. Just 2 weeks ago I saw a crime show on the satellite TV where a property manager in LA was shot and burned in his Mercedes for ONLY a few hundred in rent cash. Anyone that admits to having acquired a very expensive project car for free .....well......draw conclusions at your own risk.

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The whole deal stinks like seal scat to me.....it would no doubt be impossible to register it for street use, I mean, how would you get receipts? And who spends whatever it might have cost to buy the kit and then gives it away?

Jen's probably right....might become a coffin instead of a car.....

Crackheads, I swear !

Cheers from Doug
We said "first question" I meant the first one in the above post:

Q: The kit cost from RCR is $44K what did you add to get to $80K?
A: that is the basic package which is 50,000. i have the upgraded package along with two V8 engines. the package from them does not include any engine at all..

NOT the first question in the Ebay ad!