RF to match GT40NZ prices

David Morton

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Some of my comments are best kept to myself
but I despair about how this thread has deteriorated into gobbledegook (again).
Hersh, please do nothing and continue as a moderator.
My down button has never had so much use.
Dave M
I have intentionally stayed out of this thread, and most of you can probably guess why, but I'd like to make a couple points:

Firstly, I have spoken with both Robert Logan and Dave Harvey; I really like them both and they truly love what they do and stand ready to help any GT40 builder. They both offer excellent value in a rolling chassis and I'd advise anyone considering a GT40 replica to look carefully at their offerings.

Second, I would advocate that we create a forum entitled "Manufacturer Announcements." This thread belongs in such a forum.

Third, it is entirely apparent, even to someone as thick as myself, that Robert simply reconfigured his offering to be consistent with GT40 NZ's offering. Was Robert trying to attract business? Yes. Was he trying to position his kit to allow, to the greatest extent possible, an apples-to-apples comparison? Yes.

Lastly, and in regard to Hershal's post: quote:
It seems to me things were going fine until Sean became confused by the post and made several inquiries in order that he could straighten himself out and fully understand as to what was the true meaning of the initial post. Now he could have called or e-mailed or sent a private message to RF asking for further clarification, but noooo, that gets no attention . It's better to get the thread stirred so the participates give him what he wants. Well You and I are giving it to him. I find that I too am weary of these type of discussions. I am tired of getting e-mails about this persons antics. I left another forum for basically the same reason and never returned. At this point I am going to be more of a lurker and less as an active member. Any members that I can help through e-mail or phone, please feel free to contact me. I intend to have Ron remove me from the moderators position as I believe I'm not doing to well as this post can attest.

Well, now that is a shame, Hershal. God knows the majority of us could benefit from the continued advice, encouragement and assistance of a guy who built the first LHD Roaring Forties kit in seven months. Should you choose to tone down your participation I will respect your decision, but I will be deeply saddened by it.

Which brings me to my final point. When a guy who calls himself Meat, whose only GT40 is a die cast model, who offers little or no tech to owners and builders of replicas, who berates the very manufacturers he libels in other threads under the guise of "not wanting to cause an argument", when this guy manages to drive somebody like Hershal from this forum in the exact same manner that he drove others away from Cobra builder forums, then I say that is just unacceptable and that we must do something about it.

Ron, I suggest you cut this guy's knees out from under him and never allow him to post on GT40s.com again. It is clear to me that he is nothing other than bad news, and that his contributions to the forum will never come out of negative territory.

Ross Nicol

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Yes I believe matching prices is a cop out but I don't think Robert's initial post itself was degrading the NZ car, in fact you could take it as he conceding defeat.I think Meat has raised his game and is trying not to be inflamatry.Hershal you will be sorely missed, please reconsider.I will own up to being a New Zealander but have lived in Australia for 23yrs. I suggest it is not a good Idea to underestimate a KIWI and it's probably the sales success of the NZ cars that has prompted RF to match prices.My birthplace in NZ (Invercargill)is a city of 50,000 people and has 3 Individuals involved in race car manufacture and restoration for customers all over the world.In fact one of these individuals could be the source of the Roaring Forties monocoque.Of course I could be wrong but I doubt it.I reckon we should only post positive things.
Regards Ross

Thank you for stating what I'm too polite to have said.

I think it's "strike three" as stated in a former thread.

Have fun!

*crys* i wish i was ready now

anyways, im not gonna be ready for a little bit, im kinda stuck at a job thats been cutting hours(thank you bush) and for the next year or 2 ill be lucky if i can get a down payment for a SVT mustang, let alone a start on a GT40
sorry to double post, but im sitting here board sifting through all these long threads

anyways i noticed someone said you guys can match prices, would you guys be able to match the tornado GT40s rolling chassis kit?? i like their price, but ive heard they dont have the crunch bars in the doors(the technical name is running from my mind)

Ron Earp

Well, I've returned from another business trip to find that things have gone awry again (not your fault Hershal). My email is full of complaints about thread degreration and Meat's constant pushing for heated discussions.

I skimmed through the thread and a few things are apparent to me:

1) If Herhsal and Meat cannot co-exist on the same forum then Meat will go. Hershal is too helpful for all members of the forum to be forced out. I'm not the only one suggesting this, I have this in a few emails and need to follow the will of the board.

2) Meat, what difference does it make to you what RF, NZs, or anyone's pricing is? Market research maybe, but when your kit is ready the market will have changed so do your "market research" at or near time of launch. You are not making a good apperance on a board that will have plently of potential customers for you.

3) We do need a manufacturers section, that is clear. It will be created today and posts will need to be directed into that forum.

Moer will follow later. I am feed up with this crap and it really takes the fun out of the forum for me. I like the interactions I get and meeting people here, but this kind of crap really lowers the quality of the board. I don't wish to put up with it, and, I suppose if I get tired enough of it the board is getting handed off or taken down.

Now, I do wish to have some more moderators since I travel too much to be effective. Email me privately if interested. I will be installing more moderators in each forum section.




Don't let the creep win. Everywhere he goes, trouble follows. That's an unalterable fact. You, on the other hand, have always been a class act, a guy who goes out of his way to help the rest of us with advice here, and even hands' on with our builds. You're one of the really good guys in this hobby, DON'T LEAVE.

Someday we'll meet and I'll buy you a beer.


Gee, I will have to start my budget all over again!!

I am surprised to see how fast some members of this forum start battles...and how easily others get into them. Please remember that to be a fight, two fighters are needed so keep your head and fingers cool.

Best regards,

First I would like to start off by saying hello everybody. Next I would like to say that some of you seem confused so I would like to offer a simple light harted analogy to explain the situation. So we have 2 farmers, farmer Bob and farmer Dave. Now farmer Bob sells a bucket of fruit for $8.68 and farmer Fred I mean Dave sells a bag of fruit for $4.26 Now to truly figure out the best deal we need to fig out how much of each we are getting so we need to take the dimensions in inches L x W x H and divide that by 231 now this will tell you how many gallons the bag is or the bucket (actually it wont work for the bucket unless the bucket is square, there is another formula to figure it out for round objects but I don’t want to confuse anyone). So for example if the bag is 15” x 10” x 12” it would be 7.8 gallons, is everybody with me so far. Chances are Fred’s bag is probably smaller in size but I don’t have one so I can’t really measure it. Another thing to take into consideration is that I think a bucket is much more handy to have around the house than a bag. Now I don’t want anyone to think that I think that a bag is useless because bags have plenty of uses but lets face it a bucket is way better you can sit on it or use it for a stool and there is probably tons of other uses but I think I’m getting off track. Back to the difference between Fred’s bag of oranges and Larry’s bucket of apples… Ah in conclusion I think I’ve proven that there is no point in comparing apples to oranges.

Fran Hall RCR

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You have obviously seen both cars in the flesh in their kit form and finished form so as to draw your analogy ,
were you thinking of buying one and using it as a mobile fruit stand??
quote:Originally posted by Fran Hall:
You have obviously seen both cars in the flesh in their kit form and finished form so as to draw your analogy ,
were you thinking of buying one and using it as a mobile fruit stand??

This is really a two-part question so let me start out by answering the second part first, then followed buy the first.

I found a bag here and I measured it, it’s 12 x 9 x 19 which brings it to 8.88 gallons now with this new information we can draw on some conclusions. But first we have to assume that 1) farmer Fred does exist and isn’t part of my imagination and 2) if he does exist that he uses the same size bag as the one I have here. Now that we figured that out we need to figure out how big is Larry’s bucket. If we assume that it is 5 gallons, and I think this is a reasonable guess. Ok we know that 1) Bob’s bag is 8.88 gal and 2) Larry’s bucket is 5 gal. Now we need to offset the difference in value between a bag and a bucket, I think that if I were to try to sell a bag that I would have a hard time, I mean you get them for free when you buy groceries, so lets assume that you could sell the bag for nothing and can sell the bucket for $7.88- $15.23. Now only a fool would not go and buy the bucket of apples, lets face it you could throw out the apples and sell the bucket and pocket the extra.

To answer your second question, yes

After reading your question and my reply over I’ve come to the conclusion that both of my answers actually answer your second question. As for your first question I don’t understand it so I’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist.

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Fran Hall RCR

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But which is the bag and which is the bucket?
Are the oranges seedless and are the apples green?
My question of comparison is have you seen and tasted both kinds of apple and orange to form your analogy,if so why does one taste better than the other?
Were they both from the same greengrocer or was one from a supermarket...presentation is everything you know!!
quote:Originally posted by Fran Hall:
But which is the bag and which is the bucket?

Ah yes that is sometimes a tricky one to figure out, but over the years I have figured out a little trick to tell the too apart. First you need to know that it’s much easier to eat a bag then it is to eat a bucket, so try eating them and the easier one is the bag.

quote:Originally posted by Fran Hall:
Are the oranges seedless and are the apples green?

Seedless oranges?? I’m taking about reality not some weird make believe world that has seedless oranges. Fran I’m really starting to worry about you man

quote:Originally posted by Fran Hall:
My question of comparison is have you seen and tasted both kinds of apple and orange to form your analogy, if so why does one taste better than the other?

Yes but what about grapefruits, what about the grapefruits

quote:Originally posted by Fran Hall:
Were they both from the same greengrocer or was one from a supermarket...presentation is everything you know!!

You see your just not paying attention Larry and Bob are farmers they work on a farm not a supermarket

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but what if the green grocer has a horrible stocker that spits on the seedless oranges...you know the skinless ones

its a quality question, unless you like eating spit ridden oranges?