RF to match GT40NZ prices

heck id buy one. im just curious though, does this come with the windshield? i heard winshields werent easy to come by for these cars(gt40s in general)

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company

The kit that we offer to match the GT40NZ kit WILL include all screens and fitting kits. This includes a rear GLASS screen. It will also include lexan side windows and all four light covers.

If this kit is not as you like, ie. there is something that you would like deleted or something that you would like added than call out and it will be done. I have always taylored kits to the individual and this will continue.

Andrew speek to Gordon when you are ready.

Best wishes,



NOTHING !!!!!!!!!
Hey, this is all good news. I'm looking to purchase in June in hopes of an early Winter delivery so that I can work through the winter. However, I've been seriously looking at the Tornado. The exchange rate is currently much better than the NZ rate. The shipping is also about half of the cost to bring it in from down under. It appears that the Tornado rolling chasis if VERY close to the NZ rolling chasis so again, it looks like even more apples to apples. Has RF checked out the Tornado prices to see how they would compare against them. Andy at Tornado has been very helpful thus far, and I've spoken to a fellow in Tenn. that says his comittment continues after the sale as well.

Jim Downard

Things are looking interesting!

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company

I believe that our delux kit matches favourably with the Tornado delux kit but I am not sure how our prices compare with what else Tornado offer.

When you are ready , please send me your quotes and list of parts included and I will try to match the prices. I know the Tornado cars or at least the ones produced some ten years ago as I built one.

Best wishes,

Jim, shipping isn't that much comparing to shipping from England. We tend to bring over 4-6 cars at a time so shipping is spread out over several customers. If you ship just one from England you will find the shipping pretty expensive.
Do your research, compare the quality of the construction, frame, and parts involved in the car. Look at the real world costs of things that need to be out sourced. I think you will be surprised on what you will find.
quote:Originally posted by Hershal Byrd:
"...Where did you read into these posts that they were being negative towards NZ GT40?..."

"...You have started down a dangerous path and it serves no purpose as I see it. You know as well as I do that Robert and Gordon have the upmost respect for their compitition. They have no reason to degrade another companies product. They are simply doing what is being done in business everyday....advertising by comparison..."

Well, to start with, I read the posts here. And, as I'm sure you know, I'm not one to go blindly, or start down a path. If there's a path, I'll go down it WOT with my hair on fire. Subtlety is an artform that I can practice, but that I rarely choose to use.

So, this path you are talking about is not one I am going down, because it is not my intent or purpose to start a wacky flame war. Instead, I'm email you a smattering of the comments that I may have taken the wrong way. In fact, I'll email it to Robert as well. But, I'll also go ahead and say that what I've read was never a blatant "they suck" comment, it was more like a backhanded negativity or a demeanment. Maybe what I read wasn't meant the way I read it. But if I took it the wrong way, then I'm sure that others probably did, too. I'm just the idiot stupid enough to say it out loud.

Sorry for the confusion. I thought I was the only one confused here. my apologies.

Your pal,
Would you say your experience 10 years ago was a positive one. Was the quality of the car back then good, avg., excellent. The only info I have to compare to are the websites and brochures. The NZ GT40 only uses the website, unless that has changed. I really don't SEE much difference in any of the cars structurewise. They all appear very similar. When I see similarities I have to revert back to the almighty dollar. I'm finishing the 3rd and final phase of mods to my Classic Roadsters Cobra and will be ready to build something else soon. I'd like to build a first one to resell as I think the market is going to take off when Ford unleashes the new GT. Then I want to build a second as a keeper if the car is comfortable enough to drive. I was wondering, the side window vents, could they be made larger with latches and hinges that would make it possible to remove the panel. It would be sort of like having your windows down. Just a thought.

Sean -

I believe what Robert and Gordon are doing is
putting together a kit package that is configured
just like GT40NZ offers for the same price,
i.e. somewhere bewteen RF's rolling chassis
and deluxe kit. If you look at the list of
what GT40NZ offers, and what parts you need
to source yourself, you'll see what I mean.

Hope that makes it clearer.


There are lot's of differences between the RF and the Tornado. Some big...some little.

The biggest differences I saw are:

* RF has more leg room (not an issue if you are under 6 feet..over 6 feet and you'd
better sit in a Tornado)

* RF has higher content interior (leather vs vinyl)

* RF has higher content suspension and brakes (no contest)

Of course you pay RF extra for these niceties, which is logical since they cost more.

The price/value issue, as has been hashed,
re-hashed, and re-re-hashed is how deep are
your pockets..and what is the intended usage? If your pockets are shallow and the intended usage is simply a cruiser,
there is no doubt that you can build a less costly GT40 than RF40 and be happy.

As proven time and again...you can spend
whatever amount you have available..$ 40k
to well over $ 100k....all on a replica.


What I believe Robert is doing, in the time honored tradition of Marketing/Sales people
since day one, is to present his product
in the best light possible. The fact that
he is willing to offer his excellent kit
in any level of construction is highly commendable.

I think his constant referrals to GT40 NZ is his concern that some people see the
two products as equal and simply look
at kit prices, which like Cobras vary all
over the map in both content and content
level. This Forum has frequently
cautioned newbies to be CAREFUL when
comparing website offerings. Very few
are truly apples to apples.

We all look forward to comparing your
offering to RF, GT40 NZ, etc etc.
Good luck.


Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor

I will admit that when I post this I have "had a few".....but per your own admissions you do not go for "whoppers or big 'n tasties" but are a self admitted "Jack in the Box" man

To continue the really bad metaphor......"WHERE'S THE MEAT??????"

(almost the $750,000 GT40 manufacturer....)

Howard Jones

My God the guy, RF, is just presenting some new information. I thought that this is what this forum is for. If someone is going to BUY one of these kits then it's on them to sort out all the details! RF's are pretty nice, I looked at one in Gordon's shop, and from what I see on the NZ website theirs would be a nice car too if completed correctly. And thats the point. These kits will end up as good as YOU BUILD IT! No one is going to build one on this forum via a virtual garage. Oh,I have a GTD and only met Gordon once. Seams like a nice enought guy.
I usually stay away from posts like this one but feel compelled to comment this time.

This thread started life as an advertisment. RF will match prices with certain other GT40 vendors. Some web sites prohibit advertising as such unless the vendor pays for the ad. Some don't. While I don't care either way, it's interesting that all the pro comments in this thread are from either RF, RF sellers, or RF owners. I'm an ERA buyer/owner and could tout their product over all others, but I don't. Different vendors cater to different end users. As someone else said, how deep are your pockets? How much do you want to spend? How accurate do you want it to be? What are you going to do with it? Is one vendor better than another? Why? All valid but very subjective questions and answers.

I personally don't have a problem using components that were made for another vehicle. What's wrong with Honda air conditioners?? I have 3 Hondas, and the air conditioners work great in all of them. ERA uses MGB rack and pinion boxes. Millions of MGB's use them. You can buy a new one or a used one. Your choice. Corvette brake parts. Again, either new or used. Your choice. Millions of Corvettes have them.

I applaud Robert for trying to match apples to apples, but feel that is a very hard thing to do when sourcing parts from such different autos/vendors in either new or used condition.

When I read the first post, I thought of the Maytag washer and dryer I bought some years ago. The first seller said this is the price, but if you find it cheaper, I will match it. Well, I did find it cheaper, went back to the first seller and told him. He said, I can match that price! I said too late, you should have offered it to me for that price in the first place. Why would I buy it from you now?

I guess the point I'm making is that whomever the vendor is, if you want to sell the product, you price it right from the start, not match someone elses prices when a potential buyer says I can get it for this amount from so and so.

This forum is very useful, but when it comes to threads like this one, which degrade to who's kit or products are better, and why, it serves no useful purpose other than for various members to say "my kit, or my car is better", and to confuse potential buyers.
quote:Originally posted by Dave Wharran:
"...I guess the point I'm making is that whomever the vendor is, if you want to sell the product, you price it right from the start, not match someone elses prices when a potential buyer says I can get it for this amount from so and so.

This forum is very useful, but when it comes to threads like this one, which degrade to who's kit or products are better, and why, it serves no useful purpose other than for various members to say "my kit, or my car is better", and to confuse potential buyers..."

Wow. Great post. And how appropriate is it that you're from Clearville, eh?

Your pal,
Lets leave aside any posts by RF or RF agents on the basis on commerciality and look solely at owner postings. The support and compliments from the owners who are "on the wrong side of the dollar flow" are exceptional and unprecedented in my experience. Regards
Some people are really dense! Dave, I am not an RF owner. In fact my prejudice is linked to the CAV/GTD(old) cars I am an ex builder/sales rep - now retired. I know Bob Lacey, Gordon Levy, Robert Logan and Ray Christopher just to name a few Gt40 replica builders. What Roaring Forties has said clearly several times, is that they have added a new kit package to their offerings. It is tailored to match the kit offering made by the New Zealand company - based on the part content. When they priced this package of components they found it to be competetive. What the Hell is so hard to understand about that. Some of you guys sound like you think Roaring Forties are the rip off artist of the age! I have been to Roberts operation in Australia and talked with the man on several ocassions. You will not find a more dedicated GT40 enthusiast or an individual who is more interested in building a long term healthy business with happy owners. Both Robert and Gordon have been there for anyone - regardless of what 40 they may have - ready with helpful knowledgable info about building a replica 40. Not only that but I believe Roaring Forties was the only Manufacturer to financially support the Forum in its time of need, along with numerous individuals and the two major clubs. So open your eyes and try and understand what you read instead of lokking for a battle. Meat go find a rock and sun yourself. Your tedious and boring.

I bet you didn't think this thread would go the direction it did but I'll say I applaud you for the offer. The GT40 replica world is always evolving and it's the marketing and changing that will keep you and Gordon ever-improving. You're on track!

Have fun!

It's interesting that you took the time to participate in this thread even though you felt it was degrading. Even still you just had to throw your comments in to further the degrading.
I have sat here at my computer and read many posts singing the praises of the CAVs and others as well as the ERA. So don't go saying RF is out of line. They made what was a concerted effort to meet the competition. There is nothing wrong with that. The more companies that provide this type of info can only help the consumers. Read and interpret as you may. I saw nothing in the above posts by Robert, Gordon, or me that was inappropriate.
I can't believe that you would actually go back to an appliance dealer just to crow about how he missed a deal and you in some way are punishing him for not selling you the appliances at a lesser price. You got your price, move on. That salesman could have cared less but at least you showed him. At least I understand a little more as to why you fanned the flames on this post.
Your statement says it all..." While I don't care either way, it's interesting that all the pro comments in this thread are from either RF, RF sellers, or RF owners. I'm an ERA buyer/owner and could tout their product over all others, but I don't."
Now it would be easy for some to say that you just touted your preference in an arrogant way, But I won't. I'm very happy that you have chosen the car you want and that you have deep pockets. I don't, so I went with a different choice. I'm proud of the kit that I chose and built myself.
As I recall this thread was started by RF and why wouldn't RF builders, owners post positive comments here?
It seems to me things were going fine until Sean became confused by the post and made several inquiries in order that he could straighten himself out and fully understand as to what was the true meaning of the initial post. Now he could have called or e-mailed or sent a private message to RF asking for further clarification, but noooo, that gets no attention . It's better to get the thread stirred so the participates give him what he wants. Well You and I are giving it to him. I find that I too am weary of these type of discussions. I am tired of getting e-mails about this persons antics. I left another forum for basically the same reason and never returned. At this point I am going to be more of a lurker and less as an active member. Any members that I can help through e-mail or phone, please feel free to contact me. I intend to have Ron remove me from the moderators position as I believe I'm not doing to well as this post can attest.
Dave, no hard feelings but you have no idea as to how much frustration I felt upon seeing your post. Especially after Sean (Meat)sent me an e-mail that was beyond belief. I relent, no contest.
Gentleman, My apologies for the soap opera. I'm taking a needed break. Keep it clean and enjoy your cars.


Whatever you decide, I will support. But I want you to know that you have stood proudly amongst all the negatives. I would hope you would remain as moderator. If you don't, then we're stuck with the ones you're frustrated with. Take care buddy!

Having followed this thread I can't resist making a few remarks:

Firstly, since it started as a straightforward advertisement, was it in the right section? Looking at the sub-forums perhaps we should have one for manufacturer's information as even 'cars for sale or wanted' doesn't quite fit.

Secondly, IMHO the 'advertisement' seemed relatively understated, not a slating of other products, even if NZ40 is the target of the price equality.

Thirdly, I agree with an earlier contributor that i dislike shops offering price match. I feel its a cop out. They say they will match any price but typically ask more. I will prefer to go to the shop who originally and consistently offers the lower price (for same service). This is unrelated to RF as they are now matching at offer time.

PS I built a GTD which now seems quite challenge when I read of people building RFs in 8 months. Mine took >4 years.