Ricardo GT 650 6 speed w/ extras !!!

Ricardo GT 650
6 speed Racing H-pattern Transaxle
Audi diesel Le mons version 1 endurance racer\

Used in a street car development Deal .

One like it was also used in workhorse level 1 Ford Gt prototype,

Magnesium case- Beautiful work of art - Not the smooth Aluminum case you see on street cars

bevel gears w/ dual cone -not a dog shift - nice on the street or track

All speed gears are splined to the main and lay shaft. So all 6 ratios could be changed independently

Bell housing has oversize flange that could be machined for other power plant.

used behind Ford V8.
Has internal oil circulation pump
Full pressure oiling system
Provisions for external oil cooler
Outside of casting has in machined bosses for inner control arm mounts from the Audi Racer. But they are not yet drilled.


2 pair/sets half shafts

2 flywheels

2 clutches

Includes shifter & cables (first and second Gen)

Oil cooler

2 starter motors

Special Ricardo tool kit for servicing the unit- “ This is stupid rare! “

Just like the 2005 Ford GT Production Transaxle. It will reliably- manage over 1000 horse power and ultra-high mph

$12,000 for a one stop get all the parts and extras in one spot!

Ultimate transaxle, Kit car, Race Car, Super car Mid-Engine Gearbox, transmission

Who does not dream of building a super car?
I had a dream, But woke up. Hope a serious builder or racer can use it!
Would love to assist in a top shelf build and development project .
Will help with shipping. But all cost and crating will be covered by buyer.
Better yet - Will deliver to your crating and shipping Co. Within one hour of home at no cost!
Will be adding Better photos and shots of the extras parts soon.


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A friend is interested in buying this. He has joined the forum, yet he's having problems because he's not allowed to post anything or send any PMs. For some reason, his joining has been blocked?

So let's go old school. Call:

Shad Bruce
(602) 214-8408

[email protected]

And talk to him about it please?

Shad has a totally crazy over-the-top twin-turbo all-custom Pantera that is probably pushing 1000 hp. His original Dash-1 ZF is posted elsewhere in this forum (as an E-bay auction) because he feels it's not up to the challenge, so he's eager to replace it.