Ronnie Spain..THE book

A welcome visitor for lunch in the Essex countryside today !
Ronnie with his 'nearly' completed GT40 book manuscript in his hand
Nearly 30 years since the first edition I believe 'work in progress' has changed to
'nearly there '....!
The detail & photos in the new book look fantastic............built up from nearly 120,000 documents
Is this the most eagerly waited book since the second Harry Potter ?

What a tease : one critical missing detail - can you not give us even a hint of when ?????!!!!!!!

It appears to be no longer due next month with Amazon
Remember I started the original thread, Ill pay double for the book , just sign it and give the rest to the Ronnie spain foundation of choice......

Randy V

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A watched pot and all that....

I'm sure this has got to be difficult for Ronnie.. His work shows the lineage of ownership through the years and since his original announcement of the second book, there have been numerous cars changing hands and some undergoing restoration right now.
With a work such as this, it has got to be a bear to draw the line and say "I am good to this point in time only", then publish.. There are also a lot of challenges in getting releases to publish pictures not owned by Ronnie as well as permissions of the people that are in those pictures I suppose.

Still - we wait.. Some of us more patiently than others... I will retain my place in line regardless of however long it takes..

Soldier on Ronnie!
Hello all. I am interested in this book. Is it possible to pre order somewhere?

Any idea how much longer as well?
I have John S Allens book "The Legend Lives On", while im waiting for the next release of Ronnie's pages is there any other books that should be on the list?

Kind Regards Ryan
The Ford that beat Ferrari
Racing in the rain
If you can get it "that certain sound"

There are more, but these spring instantly to mind.


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How Ford silenced the critics, humbled Ferrari, and conquered Lemans by Preston Lerner.
"The Certain Sound" by John Wyer and "Racing in the Rain" by John Horsman are both a must. "A Life of Chance" by Alan Mann is also worth a read. These are all by people that were deeply involved.

For a pictorial history of the GT40 then "The Ford That Beat Ferrari" by John Allen and Gordon Jones is simply the best.

John Allen's other books are worth buying: Super Profile and Ford GT40 as are the books by David Hodges. Most of these are out of print but can be had quite cheaply.

Don't ignore Ronnie's first book which was available in 3 imprints but don't pay over the odds for it.

BTW, is Ronnie still active on this forum?
I haven't heard from him for while....?

@Ronnie, if you are reading this, could you give us an update?