Rover Fuel injection

Hi there
Am slowly gathering direction and bits for a 3.5 Ltr Rover, I have previously used 4 twin choke 40mm down drafts which are now getting hard let alone expensive. I have also fitted a 4 barrel 350cfm Holley to that same motor and was impressed at its smoothness. The little road car that I built runs a 2 barrel 350cfm Holley and again that runs really well.
This time as I am also going for looks, I would quite like to run down drafts or even throttle bodies / fuel injection but need to keep the costs down.
As another option, what about the Rover fuel injection system, has anybody had any experience that could help me. Other than carbs, I am as green as...totally new territory. I could put dummy intakes on top of the Rover injection system.
Any help / ideas would be appreciated.


It would be very easy to retrofit injection to a Rover engine. Its also quite an easy system to tweek , the biggest benefit is the that when installed in things like the range rovers it is a complete stand alone system. The wiring is a completely separate affair that just picks up an ignition live on its way past the ignition switch. If you go for the early system fitted to the 3.5 engines they will take the jaguar airflow meter and an increase in fuel pressure for a cheap healthy upgrade in power. Just shout if you want a setup as a friend of mine sells rangerover parts.