Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

Try again with the images.



A little more done, moved forwards a little bit, moved backwards a little bit, as I now have to go and work out which of the bits i have wrong or where my error is. It should all line up, but it does not for some reason.




At least I did not get too far into the left hand side one. Hopefully I can get that side right first go.
Another month gone, still working on the engine mounts.
I think I can remember what and why I had done what i did. When I was drafting up the green upper mount, (which would be GT40P-1-2058 on the LHS) I had adjusted where the edges mount to the rest of the engine bay as this is where the reinforcements underneath line up. So my assumption was that in order to make the stiffest chassis, it would make sense to have the engine mount reach across to this part. I had also adjusted the folds on the vertical section to try and get a nice smooth transition, as that is what the photos seemed to show.

This was obviously all the wrong thing to do, when you start trying to add in the rest of the engine mount closing plates.
So, have spent the last week redoing it all again. I have based some of my decisions on photos from the restoration of chassis P1040. Particularly the folded nosed of the mount. This is in contradiction to the assembly drawing GT40P-1-2147 that shows this as a square 90° bend.


Have now got the lower mounting bracket tucked inside the purple closing plate and have also completed the folds that form the lower flange where the mounting bush fits.


View from the top looking down. Happy with how that has ended up.


Part GT40P-1-2077. overall geometry largely based on the plans from GT40 Uncovered. Bolt holes for the engine mounts are moved and it doesn't have the depression in it. I have also added the flange for the lower part, based on GT40P-1-2757 and photos of P1040 restoration.


Link to thread for engine mounting bush, for when I need it again later.
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