Salvation Through Jesus Christ -- Prayer

Frank, Jesus told his apostles that they should "shake the dust off their feet" because He knew that they would find the kind of resistance that we are reading here. He knows that there are many hard people in the world who will never accept, so just move on to the next "town." What's intolerant about that?

A religion , or a cult is a belief system . A way of thinking , or a certain mind set . A choice not to participate is also a belief system . Everyone believes something .
I believe this is a car sight , and that everyone is entitled to their opinion , or expression of their belief . And when you post on an open forum , you openly invite everyone into your conversation . And just like politics , another religion , emotions get stirred , and wars may be started .
I still find it amazing that some have to jump in and complain , whine , about what is posted . Seems like its in the correct place to me . Don't like it , turn it off . Don't ban it from all .
I usually avoid such threads because while I mostly believe as a Christian , I disagree with most religious people in how to follow this belief . I take into account all of written history , religion , and mythology that I'm aware of . Which usually ends in the " shaking of dirt from the others feet " , Which I find very intolerant .
But when a thread continues on as this one has I have to check it out , having an idea about this sight as I do , having visited it nearly every day for several years . I know that it will be very entertaining , and once again its been better than what was on the idiot box .
Thank You .
It's quite clear that the majority on this part of the website have no desire to be inundated with this religous nonsense. Please, look at it from the other side for a moment and see how much of a total idiot you really look. In other words, fuck off -big time- and go and infest some other religous web site and spread your shit over there. Any other religous nuts declare your hand now and then go with them. You have, very much, past your sell by date and, very very much, past your welcome here.
I will now block any posts from you and anybody else who sympathises with your stupid brand of religon.


Really sorry you feel that way, I can only surmise as to the "pain" that has caused your feelings.

In all sincerity, and at the risk of condescension, I hope you find inner peace, in whatever way you can.

One man's thoughts in my opinion he has a very valid point

"As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery… we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.”

Dalai Lama

On a lighter note this guy is a confirmed Christian, if I can get him to join this debate, please feel free to tell him to "go forth and multiply" preferably face to face:)
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Jim Craik

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Clearly, clearly many wars have been started over religion. BUT NOT ALL!

Why was WW2 started??...
Why was the Korean conflict started??...
Why was Viet Nam undertaken??
Why was WW1 started??...

Now, let me say on the onset. I really don't know the initial details of some of these conflicts, and they could have a religious element, I just don't know.
But I would venture to say that a significant number of wars were not started due to religion....
Politics, boarders, resources, etc....
Posted by PLT-1

Unfortunalty, WWII was caused by a combination of religion and cult worship.

In Japan they had long been teaching in the schools that the Emperor was God and that the Japanese people where the chosen ones (sound familiar?).

In the years before WWII a weak Emperor allowed the military leaders to use this and via mass media propaganda built up an incredably strong nationalistic furver........

The people were conviced that God was on their side, they could not lose and that all the non-Japanese folks were worthless.......................sound familiar?

In Germany a combination of the Hitler cult, the revived old Aryan Master race theory, mass propaganda as well as blaming all there problems on another Religion (Jews) led to WWII.
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Jim, Point well taken, I can dig it... But how and when do we draw the distinction between what could be religious propaganda orchestrated by a political party, verses an actual war primarily about religion??... If hitler hated jews was because of their religion or race?...
Same question on the japs. Did they amp up the masses using religion as a tool, or was it truly about beliefs and not world domination for resources?

I think (I don't know) most of this stuff starts from ego and power, religion seems more like a tool... The masses think one thing while the masters intend on another.

P.S... Didn't hitler try annex poland?.. or the checks??... Doesn't that make it a boarder war?...
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Jim Craik

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These are just a few examples of what happens when Religion/Cults (the same thing) gain power.

History has shown over and over again....................little good comes when religion/Cults have power. When they force schools to teach religion and non-believers are for your lives!

We need to thank our lucky stars every day, that our Founding Fathers knew this and went out of their way to prevent it from ever happining here.

The Cults still try and get religion back into schools, they say its just the "10 comandments", its just a little praying, its just another theory on creation, what is wrong with that?

Believe me when I say THERE IS PLENTY WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!
You don't understand what the act of shaking the dirt off symbolizes .
Its a judgement , of uncleanness , or even the filth of evil .
You brush off the filth or evil to leave it in that place , so you don't carry it with you .
Not a Jesus thing , Its a cultural thing . Jesus just reminded them to show their judgement as they left for others to see .
Seriously guys, these are trolls, why feed them...
Ignore them, block them but don't let them get you angry.

It's just one thread as far as I know, it's not like the political propaganda that snares you with a new thread for the same old crap continually.

Happily for me this stuff just serves to remind me of my own escape from their clutches and reenforces my feelings of relief.
So thankyou for the laughs and I hope you keep driving people away from your guilt ridden, fear driven, narrow minded, god made in your own image beliefs, and towards reason (and perhaps peace, imagine... There's a rather famous song about that :) ). Of course your particular belief is not like that at all lol - been there heard that. :)

On the subject of narrow mindedness, I think that perhaps the funniest thing is when they call non believers, especially agnostics, narrow minded. :D

Yes they do harm, but at least most of them do so with good intentions (roads to hell paved with etc :) ).
Don't get angry, laugh, they really are funny if you don't take them seriously.

Who really cares if some religious guy tells you you are showing a weakness or whatever? They work like that, they have long practice at making people feel bad about themselves. Just be happy that you know who really are the weak minded and that you understand their methods.
They can damn you to their own personal hell as much as they like, it means nothing.

The ones to be angry with are those that turn up at funerals etc with "god hates ..." banners or that selfishly, arrogantly and childishly decide that their own personal belief is worth more than the life/lives of another/others.

Goodnight, and may your god go with you. (Dave Allen R.I.P.)

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David Morton

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Indeed Tim, a fascinating article.
Morse was open to so many different interpretations and I was pleased to see the back of it. On the Shackleton we wound out a trailing HF aerial which had lead weights on the end of it. I hated it as often as not, the previous 'Gunga Din' had wound it back into the stowage tube too tightly and you would be trying to release it again. All of a sudden the coils of piano type wire would jump off the spool inside the aeroplane and the only safe option was to guillotine the whole shebang. Only the brave would continue to rescue the operation by attempting to feed it out by pushing the wire down the tube. All of a sudden it had the same
speed as the aeroplane and your fingers were the only brake it had until it reached its stops. The first indication that it had cleared was a high speed zzzzzzzzzzzttttttttttbang.
Thanks so much Tim.
Goodnight, and may your god go with you. (Dave Allen R.I.P.)



"May your god go with you" is one of my favouite sayings, as it reminds me of my late Dad a very devout Catholic who was the greatest gentle man I have known, and he loved Dave Allen.

It is interesting that you quote Dave he himself, said he was what you might call a practising atheist, and often joked "I'm an atheist, thank God".

"Religion became an important subject for his humour, especially the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England, generally mocking church customs and rituals rather than beliefs."

The salient point he mocked church customs and rituals rather than beliefs.

Dave at his best
Dave Allen on Death (funeral sketch) - YouTube

The ones to be angry with are those that turn up at funerals etc with "god hates ..." banners or that selfishly, arrogantly and childishly decide that their own personal belief is worth more than the life/lives of another/others.

Goodnight, and may your god go with you. (Dave Allen R.I.P.)


For what it's worth the God I believe in is angry with them as well.
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Jim Rosenthal

I can't speak for anyone else here, but I don't want to be saved by you or anyone else. This is a forum about cars, with a section that (the Paddock) is devoted to free speech. Folks like you come in here spouting your religious nonsense and then act surprised when you offend people like me who know where to find your sort of bilgewater when we want it. Give me a break. You measure your success by how many people you stir up and how many times you get told to fuck off. That's some measure of success. Preach to the interested, or to the converted, but just leave this particular heathen, or infidel dog, to chew on his rawhide, if you please.
I. Folks like you come in here spouting your religious nonsense and then act surprised when you offend people like me who know where to find your sort of bilgewater when we want it. Give me a break.


Please believe me I in no way want to offend anyone. I may have missed something but I really struggle with your post.

The thred title is

Re: Salvation Through Jesus Christ -- Prayer

Now I am not the brightest light bulb in the pack but surely the title tells you what you are going to get.

So if you "know where to find your sort of bilgewater when we want it." and you obviously don't want it, then why read it.

I will however give you a break :) as this thread is way to derisive for me.

"Goodnight, thank you, and may your god go with you",
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David Morton

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The bullrushes around the pond caught fire and then middle management asked if I could play the white man. She wasn't all that enamoured when I said if she could humm the first few bars I could pick it up. I was accused of finishing a second botle of shampoo so I let off a CO2 extinguisher for tfun of it. It tried to feeze the pond before it expiried.:fireman:
qu iite impressive but you have o keep the handle pressed and the trumpet in the pond.
ps the fish got upset.
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Jim Craik

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I do not place you anywhere near the troll category, you are a car guy, have been around a long time and quite frankly I have always liked you and enjoyed your posts.

I know you have very strong convictions and it is for that reason that I have refrained from really letting go on these trolls.

You have never hidden your beliefs but also you have never forced then where perhaps they would not be welcome. I appreciate that.

Nick please do not think any of my comments were aimed at you personally, they were not.
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Jim Rosenthal

Nick, I don't mean you. I mean people who come on a forum which is intended for car enthusiasts and begin posting threads that I suppose they would call "internet witnessing" or some nonsense like that. I have, in the past, met Christians (no other denomination in my entire experience does this) who seem to derive some kind of fulfillment and pleasure from attempting to seek converts or propound their point of view in the most hostile environment they can find. If I've offended any of our usual and customary members, I apologize- my annoyance is not directed at you regardless of your religious persuasion or any difference we may have had in the past. My ire, and there is plenty of it, is directed at those folks who are here because it is a public space and they can't resist trying to push their point of view at people, even when it is not wanted. It is beyond annoying and they ARE trolls and their manners are terrible. OK, they may be sincere. Sincerity does not excuse every social misstep. A tiger or a lion may be sincere but you don't want to have an encounter with them.
Thanks to both Jim’s appreciated.

Trouble is I can see valid points on both sides of the debate, although of course ultimately only one side will be proved right.

You had better pray it's you, heaven will be hell for you both with my constant reminders who was right, :D although I might be making them from the other place;)