Scandinavian SL-C build


Time for an update. Body is now off for paint and upholstery so I made some improvement. First out was a speed input to the ECU. I used the inductive sender on the Graz (on the aft left side), first I thought it was a VSS but it turned out to be sender used for shift signal on auto transmission but it worked as a VSS as well. Then my very good friend Calle made me a reluctor ring. The speed input was needed to be able to PWM the cooling fans. (Fans turn off at high speed). Thanks Ken for the reluctor measurements.
Next was oil temp input and programing to control the fan for the oil cooler.
Lastly one thing that´s been bugging me for quite a while, the floor and vertical aluminium plates holding the radiator (chassi front extensions). I think the distance from the lower/floor and the vertical mounting position is kind of short, so I made a mount as far up as I could. Now the distance between lower and the upper points is almost double. At least it make me feel better.


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