Sequential conversion for Graziano?

Mark B.

This is what I do when I can't sleep -- random internet searches :)
I saw this on Hollinger's site. It appears to be a dog/sequential conversion for the Graziano. Anyone know if that's the case? If so that's pretty cool. I'm sure it's not cheap and I know dog boxes aren't for everyone :)
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Ken Roberts

There is a seller on EBay currently listing a HCF sequential conversion kit for a graziano for $12000 or best offer. It’s been on there for awhile.

Mark B.

Holy crap -- I knew Hollinger stuff was pricy, but that's nuts. The eBay price is a little closer to reality, but still...
Maybe you can use the e-gear / r-tronic system and make your own controller for it?
Might also be some aftermarket controller that you can make to work with it.

I have a butched unit if you want to know how it looks and roughly works.
Ole, there have been a bunch of E- and R- transaxles for sale on ebay, and they’re way cheaper than a manual Graz. I found tons of them when looking for a manual version. My understanding was that a lot of them used proprietary software to control them, and AFAIK nobody has made aftermarket controls for them. Otherwise it’d be a boon to aftermarket purchasers of the transaxle as they are probably half the price of a used manual unit.

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It's my understanding that the HCF solution doesn't work. I wouldn't consider it until you talk with at least one owner who has had success with it. If you want a dog/sequential, you should consider an Albins ST6-M. Here are few posts regarding mine:

(46) S2's Build Thread | Page 27 | GT40s (Transaxle)
(46) S2's Build Thread | Page 27 | GT40s (Roller barrel selector mechanism)

Scott - it works fine. The initial install was protracted, mostly due to lack of CAN information from Holley. If you have doubts, call Adam Pettis of Innovative Street Technologies, who installed the system.

The car is at the body shop presently - when it returns the final tuning will be done; and off to the track.

These systems are largely the same ones we use in the hypercars with the CIMA gearbox we sell. Lamborghini SCV12 uses it to control an Xtrac.

If we had started with a Motec, and no covid, this would have come together a year ago. At present we have 5 paid for and underway.