Serious thoughts on CAV

Good morning all,

I am seriously considering a CAV GT40. Does anyone have any thoughts, issue and/or concerns about this car. I know other options exists, RCR and Superformance, CAV seems to be a very good car. Just wondering about quality and authenticity.

Thanks for the help!

Ron McCall

Having worked on all three versions that you listed, my opinion is as follows:
RCR: Extremely correct body shape and accurate outward appearance. very good to excellent chassis/suspension ( not very accurate appearing )
CAV: Excellent quality/fit and finish, not very accurate body shape ( I, personally, can instantly tell that it is a replica )
SPF: Excellent quality/fit and finish, fairly accurate body shape ( It bothers me to no end that their Mk1 rear clamshell, with the two large round tail lights,
does not have the tag recess . Looks wrong . Also the front nose looks too " sloped" to me .
I don't think you could go wrong with any of them.
I think they’re all excellent, and you would not be disappointed with any of them.

The only one I have much first hand experience with is the CAV, having owned one for many years. The CAV stainless steel chassis is beautiful and strong and the fit/finish is very good. The body shape looks accurate to me but I’m no expert. I was very pleased.
Mark, As others have said you really can't go wrong with any of the BIG 3. (CAV, RCR, SPF) Each has their own distinguishing features that one needs to determine how important that feature(s) is before purchasing. I've been to the CAV factory in S. Africa and met with both the current owner and the former owner. The cars are built with passion and as Cliff alluded to the SS chassis is really a work of art. Some might advise to purchase a car that has already been built as the car will have been "sorted" by the owner. I owned mine for 6.5 years (CAV #82) and enjoyed it immensely. They are not "everyday" cars but when the weather is right and the roads are clear I can't think of a better way for a true car lover to get out there and exercise their inner "race car driver" dreams. Good luck to you sir.


Hi Mark, I've had my CAV well over 15 years and loved it. With the stainless chassis and solid body, it still looks new and is a consistent trophy winner at verisous events. However, my advise is to search out owners of each of the major brands and actually see, sit in and if possible ride in each of the respective makes. Each caters to a slightly different market and the search will not only allow you actually see the cars, refine your own tastes and make some friends that will be invaluable resources in whatever car you choose.


Dave Hood

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Mark, I've owned my SPF MK1 for seven years and have put more than 16,000 miles on it. Pat's recommendation is a good one. If you're serious about making an investment like this you should take the time to check out each of the three main brands. To investigate RCR, you should tour their factory outside of Detroit. Ron Scarboro said he's owned several cars by different manufacturers. You might also reach out to Paul Whitlock who is my mechanic here in the Charlotte area. He's spent the last 10 years or more working on SPF, CAV and RCR cars and could give you his opinions on each. Paul's e-mail is [email protected].

If you'd like to ride or drive in a SPF car, I'd be happy to do that with you here in Charlotte. Before I purchased my car, I looked at different cars everywhere from Oregon to Texas to New York.
Great info here - for a car thats to be driven hard with a lot of track events, curious if there are any major durability distinctions between the top 3/4 builders discussed here. Thanks
Ive got CAV #22, a 16yr old car by now. Chassis still immaculate and after a freshening up on the paint and bodywork, really a spectacular car still. Driving is great, seating is adequate for my 187cm/6ft2.
Probably a bit cheaper then RCR and def. SPF's too.

Thank you so much the time and effort everyone has been a huge help. I am doing as everyone says and looking closely at the cars. I do not want to rush into something like this and everyone has brought great view points on these cars. I will keep everyone updated.