1. F

    Silverstone Classic 2018

    HI All I been able to plan a trip to the UK to include attending the Silverstone Classic this year. Plan is do Practice day on Friday 20th July 20th (without wife), Race day Saturday 21st (with wife). Any tips that would enable us to make the most of our visit?. Cheers Fred W...
  2. IanAnderson

    Happy 4th July

    Hey I hear today’s a big day over the other side of the pond. To all our American friends on this site, have a great day! Ian
  3. MikeP

    IVA pass NW MDA!

    Today was a very good day. I went with fellow NW club member Mark Edwards today with his MDA to the IVA test centre in Chadderton, Oldham. A few items which could be fixed on the day BUT Passed!! I think the smile says it all. Cheers Mike
  4. W

    Bad day

    Having a bad day ?
  5. J

    Better watch out for French Customs

    It seems French Customs must have had a slow day....
  6. S

    With deepest sympathy.

    To all his friends . It is with much sadness that I have to report the death of my friend and co worker at SGT Nick Morris he was a devoted gt40 enthusiast and many of you that have met him no he could talk GT 40s all day he was always the first on hand with trolley jack and spanners if...
  7. 1

    2018 Northwoods Shelby Club Events (Road America/Autobahn/Blackhawk Farms/Gingerman)

    Join the Northwoods Shelby Club at the following HPDE events: -April 28 & 29 Road America: $250/single day, $425 both days. -June 2 & 3 Autobahn Country Club: Saturday $225, running North Track 12:00pm-5:00 pm and full track from 5:30pm -8:30pm. Sunday $185, running South Track. $350/both...
  8. M


    Hopefully this is the appropriate forum for this post. I will be visiting Australia in March of next year for a couple of weeks. (Sydney area). My oldest lives there. Since I have to make the sojourn and visit, and it will take precious time away from the garage and my build, I should have...
  9. Pete

    Happy Independence Day

    To all my American friends happy Independence Day have a good one.
  10. H


    What's the best place to look for either used SuperLite's or not completed kits/projects? Challenge- The least expensive track car (nemesis) it's a single seater I need something with two seats since I'm going to have to have an instructor co-driving until I'm cleared to drive solo...
  11. A

    Memorial Day.

    To all that have served, Thank you!
  12. M

    The Driven Experience Co: Renting a 991 GT3 in California

    I wanted to share a fantastic experience I had renting a 991 GT3 from a company called The Driven Experience Co. I recently travelled to California from the Midwest and was looking for a fun car to rent while I was out there. I stumbled across a rental company with some awesome driver’s cars...
  13. glloyd

    Goodwood Easter Sprint

    Dusted off my Southern GT and headed down to Goodwoods own GRRC Easter Sprint on Easter Monday for some hydrocarbon fun. Amazingly for a Spring bank holiday the rain held off and we had quite a pleasant day. In contrast to the same event last year which was cancelled due to planes being upside...
  14. Ron Earp

    Back to the Future-Ron and Sydney's 1985 5L Mustang Build

    I've been off for many years doing lots of things, mainly racing. Last year I managed to win our SCCA SARRC points racing series with my SCCA ITS Mustang. So this year I'm talking a bit of a break and doing other projects. Good thing too, because my daughter turns 16 in several months and she'll...