SL-C Build Time

Is there a break-down of the quoted 200 hours build time? I'm considering a standard, gel-coat build, but I need to convince myself (and other half) that I would have enough time to finish it.

How much modification is necessary for a road car?


Roger, it's almost impossible to guess at build time for any individual builder. It's more about individual standards of finish and time spent wondering "how will I do this" tasks. Yes, I believe an SL-C could be done in 200 hours. That is if you have everything on hand, don't paint the car, use a stock engine and unmodified gearbox, spartan interior, etc. Also depends upon how long you simply sit and stare at in in the shop!
I have more than than in going off on tangents (earlier posts). A few details and my second assembly begins. But, that's how I am.
Anything's possible. Take your time and enjoy the build. DRiving the cars is fun, but imho, assembling them by hand, plotting out fuel line routings, wiring harness construction, etc... etc... is far far far more fun and rewarding.

The thing I regret the most with my cobra build is that I 'rushed' it ... wana take my time this time.
It's more about individual standards of finish and time spent wondering "how will I do this" tasks.
Perhaps I'm being naive then. Is there a build manual documenting the "standard" way of putting it together? Obviously different people will do things at different rates. I'm much more into function than appearance, which would hopefully help.

Whilst it would be nice to take more time over the build, I'd need to get it finished fairly quickly. I do need to do meaningful assembly to be able to register it though.

Howard Jones

Rodger, I'm in California (SF bay Area) also. I have one in my garage and I have had others by to have a look. You are welcome. Drop me a PM and I'll send you a Ph # for me and we will talk.

As far as how long goes......well that comes right after how much....or is that right before. Anyway 200 hours would be less than a month of full time work. That's pretty quick. I know I couldn't do any component car that fast. I just don't work like that. Most people don't but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

Working that fast wouldn't be much fun.