SL-C Nose Hinge Group Buy

These hinges are definitely a must have for a street car, ingenious design. Props to Bob and Scott for making this happen, and Allan for testing them out on that white SLC.
Dan, it looks like we're at 21 with Johan's request. We stilling working on bids with a couple of shops. I'll let everyone know once we get a price and timeline nailed down.
didn’t even order the car yet. But I agree it’s a must have. Put me down for a set. I’ll be ordering the car car with the carbon fiber street splitter. Thanks.
Count me in for a set.

I may also be able to help with a machining quote, I am the director of engineering at Wauseon Machine and Mfg. We build industrial machine tools and do contract machining. You can look us up on the web.
I'm down for a set.
I have both the standard street splitter and track splitter (has lowered front lip and tunnels).


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We've started machining the first batch of small parts. Once we have big parts done, I'll post detailed photos and final price at which point I'll request that everyone interested PM me with their details. Depending on how things go, we may be start shipping within a week and a half.



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