SLC 36 Cam's Build

So Ron Earps car was dropped of Friday in NC and the truck is around 2 hours out. Ok it's goofey but I feel like an expectant dad. I was talking to Doc Kaler about this, there are alot of parallels. I'm excited/anxious about delivery. I've waited around 6 to 9 months since inception. ...and this thing is gonna eat me outta house and home for the next 18 years. But no dirty diapers!

Gotta go clean out the bay, pictures later...

We're all waiting to see this "Super Banana" yellow beast arrive! I will come by when I get back from Cabo to get a first-hand look.

Dave Lindemann

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WOW - That looks AWESOME! I love the wheels...and it looks like the car is almost ready to drive. How much do you have left to do before it's driveable? Congratulations!

Dave L
Yes Cam, what level is finish is that? Looks to be more than "kit" but less than "turn key". Welcome to the club

Congratulations Cam! Very nice in Yellow and your wheels set off the car very well. Maybe you can drive it over to my place by the time I get back? :thumbsup:
Thanks, i did have Fran align the body panels and hinge the front clip. Those are the new Z06 look alike rims in chrome. There's nothin in the rear clip or interior so i probably won't be drivin it this Friday!
Poo, those freakin Texans now have the lead in SLC ownership by state.....and us Californians are stinkin broke.

Welcome to the welfare state of California......DMV costs are going up by the minute around here.
Yep, extra pictures confirm that I'm still jealous of it :thumbsup:

btw, I found you a new avatar on google :laugh::laugh:

Google image search for 'super banana'. Unfortunately that's the best one I could find, all the others are kind of lame.

I still think you should use that as your avatar for a while :laugh:

BTW, the body looks really good and clean (unlike say an FFR, where it looks like a 2yr. old pasted it together) - did you ask Fran to do any special a-la-carte stuff to it (e.g., specify to grind down seams, do all the cut-outs, etc.....)?
I really like the look of these cars, and fully appreciate the engineering that goes into them. To me they look like a hybrid of IMSA GT cars and the Grand Am prototypes. :D

What powerplant/transaxle combination have you chosen for the Super Banana?