slc air filter assembly race tail

I looked around at other builds to see how everyone was handling the race tail lack of room for the air filter assembly. I then looked at gm's requirements for my ls 376, 10'' from the throttle body for the maf and mounted in a straight 6'' run of 4'' tubing and realized it was a pain in the butt. This is the best I could come up with here are pictures in hopes that it may slc ready to wire boss metal 004.JPGslc ready to wire boss metal 001.JPG help someone else with ideas.slc ready to wire boss metal 003.JPGslc ready to wire boss metal 002.JPG
a couple more things on my fabrication of this piece. The tubing is a 4'' j-bend [diesel exhaust] which is mild steel. I could not find a maf boss that was steel they were all aluminum. We flattened out the curve in it that was for the 4'' tubing took the thickness of material that we removed welded a plate the same thickness on our tubing and drilled and tapped for mounting. This was the final thing on my punch list, after all the years ive had this project and been pulled away I will start the wiring and with some luck we will be driving it this summer...............I am excited!
The GM requirements are really best practice. But a decent tunner can adjust for reasonable changes. In any case, it’s best to have it dyno tuned once it’s a reasonably debugged runner.
My tuner said he felt the MAF sensor was located too close to the air filter and that there was too much turbulence. He said it was better to sacrifice the 10” recommendation and put it closer to ensure more consistent airflow numbers. It helped to clean up my hunting throttle.
Thanks Cam for the info. I went off of the gm recommendations for a base line we will tell soon enough. I am starting the wiring either this weekend or next week, I have several other projects in the way as usual with this car but am very excited how small the punch list has become.......m
Ed I built it all with the body installed just for that reason. things are tight back there with the race tail but no problems with clearance in the full range of movement.....m