SLC picture thread

It's a cheap Chinese Android headunit, finally found something that was shallow mount that we can use in our cars. It was around $90 shipped and works like a tablet. Pic below is with the default launcher, but I'm running WebCarGuru launcher which is alot better and has more customization. I'm happy with it and does what I needed to do, mainly music and possibly navigation. It's got wifi, may get a cheap dongle for mobile data, just not sure if it's really needed.

Found the link to it. Looks like it's $5 cheaper now.

Also to note, the wiper stalk is in the way, but that'll be the case with any screen in the center section of the dash. Thanks to Scott, I have a knob-style wiper switch with the adapter to easily replace the stalk. Scott's attention to detail is 2nd to none. Just need to install it, all will be good in the world. :)
^ There ya go Dan. It'll be installed before I get my plate, I feel this is a must have if you have a screen.


Del, I can see in your pictures that you have the inner door panels. Are they split apart, the lower grey and the upper black or does it just look like that in the pics?
There is some interference to the body with door closed just where it shifts color grey/black.