Smart T70 going to Goodwood Revival.


Fantastic photos! Thanks for posting. Was that Adrian Newey there with the Essex Wire livery '40?
Ended up going to Angouleme Des Ramparts so missed Goodwood, but not spotted the Lola in any Goodwood pics other than the practice as above.
Did it make to the main event?
Yes that was Adrian Newey. I guess he got it fixed after his shunt at the LeMans Classics. Also in one of the photos Newey was talking to Emanuale Pirro. An Ex Audi driver. I met him, really nice guy.


Only car I couldn't quite understand was the new Rolls Royce which looks like the successor to the Rover 75.
Gotta say - that's exactly what I thought it was at first glance!

Rolls Royce factory is virtually in the grounds of the race track..

Parts made in Germany, shipped there to Chichester and assembled. :)