Sold the business. Superformance on the way!

Well... after waiting fifty seven years finally got a 40. At age 11, sitting in a 40 in the show room of S&C Ford (San Francisco), I promised I would have one these someday. Have vintage raced my '65 GT350 for years, so know what makes them tick, but a 40 will be a new ball game. Will be asking many questions. In the Atlanta Georgia area.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Mark. Congrats on the upcoming Superformance. Please start a build log and fill us in on the details.
Enjoy the forum !!

Regards Brian
Hi Tom, thanks for the offer, but have the Superformance in the garage already. Boy, you are not kidding on the cost, but I went into it eyes open. Was hard to drop that amount of coin but better a car than numbers on my bank statement. Merry Christmas to you too. Send me some pictures of your car. Regards