Something different


Well, ive got something different, which i know isnt a GT40, nor is it supposed to be, but it is mid engined and may well ave been inspired by the GT40.

Its called an "AGT", which was apparently a kit very similar to the american Mullen M11.
The particular one i have, seems to have a grey history, but may have been the prototype from which others were developed or made from. I dont know.

All i do know is, that it is reasonably well made, with 260 miles since built, and a 2.2L Renault engine that has seen better days, but runs and passed an MOT last week.

Im still finding more and more out about the car itself as time goes on, but it is in desperate need of more power!

Anyway, im here to look at the possibilities of mating the UN1 to a stage 3 rover V8 easily (relatively), or other options with an objective of achieving as much power as possible, but in keeping with driveability, practicality (MPG), and reliability.

I am new to the GT40 arena (as i dont own one, or a replica of one!!) so i apologise in advance for my ignorance if it is needed.

Ive uploaded a couple of pictures of the car in my gallery.
Hi Richard,

Welcome to the Forum! That's a "curvatious little thing" you're driving. No problem. I have an RCR SL-C being transported and many have T70's or 917's etc. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing more of your car.
That's an interesting looking car. Welcome.

To find the pics click the 'Gallery' tab above and then 'M'. There are three pics 'posted by MakeEverything' HTH.
Ive uploaded some pictures into my "Garage", but ive patched the paintwork to make it less attractive to the old bill! In desperate need of a paint job, but i want to get the mechanics all square before i finish it with a decent paint job.

Its an AGT Sports, but the nearest i can find is

Ive spoken to "Art" at mullen, and he said that the car i have was a UK Rip off from the Mullen. Its possible i have the prototype for that, but i am yet to find out.

Will upload some more pictures as i take them!
Richard, what a shape!, should be great with a bit more power as you say and a good paint job. Welcome to the forum, where abouts in the UK are you?
I am in Hertfordshire, more specifically, Stevenage.

The car is on the road and passed the MOT last weekend, so its just a case of shaking down and ironing out the creases before finishing with a decent paint job.
Well guys, has it really been that long since i last posted??? bloody hell!

Well, ive been keeping a blog of the progress for my project at;


I have had three changes in direction with the engine, from a sporty little 130ps ZETEC to 2.9 cosworth V6, back to Renault.

I am currently putting a 2.0 renault turbo engine in the car (same block as the 2.2 and fits straight in) but with a supercharger rather than a turbo.

Transmission remains to be the UN1, and im looking at possibilities of having straight cut or sequential later on, though i have found that this is BIG money!!! :(

Anyway, had a thought that i hadnt posted here for ages, and that i know people were interested in the progress previously.