SouthernGT Number 18

Annual update time...

So a day under 6 years from when the chassis was delivered the car has passed its IVA test on its first time :woohoo: Ive spent many hours over the last couple of months prepping for the test and luckily it has all now paid off.

So in a little more detail the day went unbelievably well, loaded up the night before and covered her up with a car cover (bloody good job as it pissed down most of the night), really didn't fancy it getting stolen so backed it up agains a tree and then parked the other car in front of it, probably OTT but six years...



Ready to go:



So set off at 06:00 for an 08:00 appointment, arriving an hour early but would have been an hour late if I'd left at 06:00 :rolleyes: (gotta love the M27).

Tester chap turned up at 07:30 and very kindly let me get the car in early, good job as it pissed it down the moment it was inside.


The tester was a really nice chap and clearly a car (or more specifically bus) enthusiast who knew his stuff.

The test is a four hour affair that basically checks everything, though they don't remove stuff, not even wheel!

We had done the ramp stuff, the lights, brakes, emissions, speedo, drive around the block and the weights by about 10:00 when he said it was a good time for a cuppa while he did the maths on the braking bias and efficiency, so while Dad and I drank tea and discussed progress the tester chap comes over and says it's basically passed!!! All that was left was the noise test which he said it was too wet to do our side and that he would do it inside but it should pass and it did, happy days...

So by 10:30ish we were ready to load up and on the road by 11:00ish, Amazing!

The only comment and respective adjustment from the inspector and throughout the whole experience was that one headlight was a tad high and the other a tad low, a twist of the spanner later and all good.

When all was finished he seemed genuinely very pleased for us and said it was impressive that it went though without any observations at all (he'd obviously forgotten about the head lights), but no where near as pleased as me.

I'm not gonna apologise for the smug tone because basically I am :hehe: , I never dreamed it would go this well so am fully revelling in it...

So back home and IVA it's time to get her ready for the road.


I will upload some more pics soon by for some reason I can’t get seem to upload any more from my phone now :rolleyes:

Next is apply for registration which I hope to have sorted by the end of the month and upgrade the insurance to cover road use.

Still lots to do but post IVA, paint, alignment, tuning but it seems an easy road ahead now (famous last words)...

I ordered myself a new registration number and will get all the documents sent off to the DVLA tomorrow, sooo close to properly driving it now...


Thanks for the comments still on cloud nine...

Been busy though and getting the car ready for paint, bought some different wing mirrors, just taped on at the moment while I finalise their position but seem to offer a good view.

Got someone coming over tomorrow to quote for the paint, exciting but have a horrible feeling it will be depressingly expensive :rolleyes:




What lights did you use on the front?
Manufacturer and Part numbers would be a big help