SouthernGT Number 18

Evening all,

Thought it was probably time for a slightly overdue slowgress report!

Well actually this time it’s more of a progress report as the car is finally finished, woohoo...

Picked it up from paint just over a week ago and they have done an epic job, it’s everything I wanted it to be from the moment I received the chassis over 7 years ago.

It’s a shame all the events are cancelled this year but I’ll still enjoy driving it and look forwards to next years events.

Looks amazing! Bet you’re stoked finally getting it on the road!

Is that the SGT offered gulf arches and the 15x12 Image wheels with 295/50’s?
Well progress has been slow of late but I have got a bit done:

Fitted some fibreglass panels each side of the dash to seal the fuel pipes from the cabin (IVA requirement) absolute sod to get them them fitted and involved lots of swearing but got there in the end. Into these I have mounted access panels and the fuse board.




Spent ages on these parts and then realised they will never be seen when the dash is in :rolleyes: but I know they look nice...


Also got the steering column fitted including FIA quick release boss (just like a real racing car) :laugh: which in turn has allowed me to start to position the peddle box, I think it is about right now, trying to get it as far to the right as possible to straighten up the driving position.




Once the peddle box is in it will be time to start wiring and plumbing, should be fun!



How did you fix your fuel covers into the car, just fitted mine, your right it's a pig of a job

Beautiful car Paul! Agreed on the decals.

What is the diameter of the fog lights?

thank you,


I’ll have to measure for you as can’t remember for sure but I think 7 1/2”, I do remember they only just fitted and were a bit of a mission to mount in place though...
Hi Paul how do you find the fuel pumps? They look very nice :cool:

Absolutely faultless so far, look the part I think and very quiet, in fact virtually silent except for a few seconds when priming on the first start of the day.
They are genuine Mitsuba pumps though that I imported from Japan, I think they are in short supply these days, however plenty of people sell the “Mitsuba style” pumps but the quality of the ones that I’ve seen are not a patch on the real ones.