Speed45; William Werner from Florida

I’m trying to get in contact with this person. Anybody who knows him, please ask him to reply to my emails.
(FYI: I bought som carburetors from him last spring which he presented as Weber, but when we should install it last week they look very much like No-name copies.)
Yes I know, I should have asked more questions when I made the purchase, but I do trust people, especially in such a forum like this
Correct name of this person is Wilhelm Werner, living in Bonita Spgs, FL.
(correct data received through PayPal)
And still no reply.
And the answer from the seller:

Dear Sir

How are you, I have to tell you, Weber IDF all made in China, but they have different quality’s in casting and machining, I am a toolmaker from

The weber what have they made in China, but the best quality what in the market, I attached some picture from ebay so you can see what I used

And the not cheap, the carbs are compl. Disassembled and controlled from myself and painted with two coat , it was a 2 day job, I did it for fun !!!

IDA webers most of them made in Spain, $ 530 per piece OK

I think you bought it for $ 900 plus shipping

You a funny man, you bought it in February and know you want via PayPal $ 400 back, that’s not a good reputation for me.


USA Florida
New message from the seller (almost like I feel like smiling):
I did not marked it as original, just weber, one time more the most Weber IDF made in China.


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Closed: the seller sent me $200 (and some more personal insults). Case closed.

And, by-the-way, the carburetors I bought was presented as: “Weber IDF”.