SPF GT40 video

Mike D asked about posting videos to the SPF forum. I successfully did it in the 'site questions, suggestions etc.' forum, and he asked that I repeat it here. I attempted to do so, and it apparently has NOT worked:

This same embed text, posted in the forum mentioned above, has worked just fine.

The question is--why??? What did we SPF fans do to lose the ability to share videos? :huh:


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Has to be jealousy because we own the best GT40s out there? I bet you can post videos in the RCR section ha.
Nice video quality of the practice. Is there another video of the car at 'speed'? I've got to get a GoPro camera. Thanks for sharing
Loved the video. I really did not think about how handmade, detailed and complex these cars are, in taht ocntext a total bargain. Even the sloppy work is probbaly in keeping with how they were done in period.
Great vid. Loved the split screen . It was cool when the car spun out in front of you . No one hurt or the car right didn't look too fast. You must have good faith in the go pro sticking to the side like that.
That is one awesome video.
I have a very good question, how are you guy preventing the wind noise on the go pros? I have one solution that I haven't tried yet, where you insert foam on the back side to absorb the wind.


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Seperate remote mic inside cabin then mix back in with gopro video. Gopro mics are not very good.
I will be running my car at Laguna Seca at the end of the month and I have a Go Pro rep wanting to do a video session one of the days. He puts about 5-6 cameras all over the car for different angles. Should be fun and a great track to top it off. I will post it once I get it.


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I don't run a wire. I use a separate stand alone mic and recorder and then mix the audio from that memory card back in what the video from the gopro using final cut.
I have a mic with a 8' cord and I mount it out of the wind just above the exhaust then plug it directly into the camera. No post production mixing.

Gary what plate are you asking about?