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Hey Everyone,

It looks like i now have a starter motor issue. i pulled it out today as the car was not starting. Starter motor was activating but just whizzing and not engaging teeth. Turns out you need a gear in there lol. So basically i had my clutch slave leak and as i started the car (effectively in 1st gear) it must have caused some damage to the gear or the circlip that holds it in place because now it has disappeared. When i started it up i could hear bits of metal flying around. Was in a rocky car park so thought it might have flicked a few stones somehow.
I will attach some photos. i was hoping someone could tell me what was actually on it as there are no marks on the starter motor and literally no gear to examine.
This is a gear reduction starter motor. There is a epicycle gear-train inside the housing. Generally made of plastic & known to strip. Take out the long bolts and you should be able to split the alloy casing to reveal any damage
Thanks for the reply Andy,
I'm pretty sure there is no damage to the shaft. It moves freely with minimal movement side to side. I was more concerned about the actual gear piece. I have no idea what was on it so I can purchase a new one.

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It will depend on which flywheel you have as to the gear required on the end of the starter shaft. What model of starter is it? also do you have the flywheel number of teeth and the pitch of the teeth?
No idea what starter it is. That's some of the info I was hoping to find out. No idea about all the other stuff either. I will have to see if I can find any info in the previous owners documents