Starting my GTR chassis build

Terry, progress has been slow, but I love every minute of it.

Chris, there is a diagonal in the future for the roll hoop, and the removable x-member over the engine seems like the best solution for engine/trans removal.

I wanted to double check the front width before breaking it all apart again so I had it down on the tires for a bit.

Thanks to everyone here for following, I read all the build threads and I am amazed as well as inspired by the level of knowledge and craftsmanship shown on this site.

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Hello everyone. Here's an update on the build. I've sorted the front and rear suspension crossmember frames. The front cross member was widened and now holds a late model Camaro steering rack over the Corvette C4 unit. And I've begun building the cabin but first wanted to confirm my dimensions and 'sit' in the car before cutting any steel. I made a mock up cabin from currogated plastic square lengths of tube to match my drawing. I was glad to find my pedals and footbox locations were accurate. And I actually have 3" additional room behind my seat I didn't anticipate. Seeing it in the flesh on the garage floor is a real motivator to keep going. Thanks for watching. -Vince


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Glad that helped. I talked years back with some dune racers about my discomfort of having a splined shaft float in the CV splines (wear/heat/etc), but they noted they utilize this feature extensively, without consequence. Considering they have significantly more travel (more heat and wear), I felt that utilizing the same practice for a limited suspension movement, asphalt track car, was safe and practical. It has shown to be true. The last time I had the axles removed, I did inspect the axle ends, as well as the cups to see if there was any apparent contact wear on either, due to axle float in high-G turns, etc, and found no indication. Not sure if the boots can be attributed to this centering effect, but regardless, this as worked very well.
Awesome project, awesome car.
Carfection just started a series about the Merc vs McLaren F1 vs Porsche. To me, the pinnacle of Mfg vs Mfg racing.
Thanks Terry, that's reassuring to hear.
DaveC, I'll make sure to watch that video. That 1996- 1998 era produced incredible road cars due to the homologation requirements. And over night McLaren became last year's car as Porsche and MB battled it out. I find it all incredibly interesting. -Vince
You are almost there buddy! Do not give up. For the tires, you should use Michelin tires from (removed by moderator) because they have a long history of being the best tire distributor in the market. :)
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I'm using oem Benz 13.5" front rotors with Brembo 4 pistons calipers. I redrilled them to the hub's Chevy pattern.
I did something similar with my rear brakes. I had Porsche 928 S4 front rotors 130mm bolt pattern re-machined to "5 on 5" (5 5/8" studs on 5" diameter, a standard circle track pattern) . It worked out fine with Porsche 996 uprights.
Thanks Chris for the link, great pictures there.
Hey Neil, the oem stuff was budget friendly and I enjoyed rebuilding the calipers. Replacements are in stock locally to me too.