Steel welded frame vs Monocoque

I am in the early stages of selecting a kit. For the guys that have welded steel frames are you satisfied with your choice? For street driven car, does monocoque offer any advantages?


Curious,how much is a monocoque? With suspension? Thought the price was significantly more than a welded tube chassis?
Cheaper monocoque? Not around here. The CNC parts alone (>100 separate parts) are worth what a tube chassis costs to put together, and it takes about twice as long to assemble (not including what a tube chassis requires for adding the sheet metal.)
Fellas, lighter at the wallet area... It will enlighten the wallet way faster then going the tubular space frame chassis route.
Even I, a Dutch men who has to translate everything that is written here, the penny dropped.
Frank, I realize this question may be hard to answer but.... from your experience driving an original vs. a replica monocoque; are there driving differences? I ask because I really enjoyed driving my replica but there was always a question about how much the replica drove like one built in the 60s.

Of similar interest is P/1085 which sat as a kit of parts for a long time before being built up... does it drive similarly to a replica?


Randy V

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Having driven original mono on track, and most of the replica market cars, including the monocoques, my choice is the original, by a long way
That’s pretty interesting given the poor quality materials (un-galvanized, thin mild steel) that was used in the original chassis. Not to mention the much higher quality tires, springs, shocks and brakes being used in most replicas…. I’m not saying you are mistaken - just extremely curious how this can be… Possibly the Steel spider vs. Fiberglass as used by nearly all replica houses?
Or is it analogous to perhaps an Audiophile that prefers the more mellow and dampened analog sounds from a tube type amplifier vs. modern digital technology?
^ exactly. An original mono is likely fitted with period looking tires, perhaps bias ply. That one change in spec from a modern radial changes quite a lot. Second, if the repro is a mono, does it use original pick-up points? If so, camber/castor rates may not be great for a modern low profile tire.
I would guess that it is the total package of a original style mono car;
Your shifter is basically steel to steel all the way to the transmission, no cables.
Suspension is either rosejoint or bearings, no bushings that provide any flex or dampening.

Very few offers a monocoque as a loose item and trying to make alot of parts from different suppliers fit together sounds like a bad idea.