Superformance Ford GT MkII

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Southern California - okay, thanks. Great place!

I'm interested in structuring a Colorado group and if you know anyone here that's into the 40, send a PM. We've got an SPF dealer in Castle Rock that will help us promote the 40 and I'm looking forward to meeting the Colorado\Rocky Mountain 40 community.
Hope this works, this will be for sale at the Barrett Jackson Circus, Wayne


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More pics of my car thanks to Daryl - car is nearly finished.


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At about this spot in the thread someone advised Spydermike to be sure to utilize engine mount lugs on the bellhousing, which prompted Mike Drew to ask about those mounts. Unfortunately those posts got lost the other day. I'm curious about this, and have started a related thread in the "Powertrain/Transaxle" section.
I am interested in buying a FIA period correct SFP mark I, However no information has been posted or entered on the SFP Web site. Are their any of you that are wondering as I, what the spec's are for product they are advertising?

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Jim Price has posted here tha the "FIA" Mk I is awaiting sufficent demand to go into production. Lotsa people say they want one, but when it's time to pony up the deposit,the ranks shrink.

So my car is finished and is on a truck bound for the west coast. Here are somepictures that Dennis sent me prior to loading it on the truck.



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Very N-I-C-E.

What's your cost on trucking it out to the west coast?

I might do this if Olthoff turns out to be the only really decent SFP GT40 wrencher.

Steve Briscoe

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Congratulations! The color of the wheels and the stripes with the blue backdrop is a great color combination. Classic.

From Olthoffs in NC to Salem OR was 1800 using Bill DesMois Trucking who mOlthoff recommended. The truck driver called me when he picked up the car and gave me his cell phone so that I can call him anytime enroute.

Thanks for the comments. I saw the color combination on a Cobra and liked it. The color is a real deep blue and the stripes are somewhat ghosted until the sun hits it.


When the 40 hits Oregon soil, any chance I could visit to see one in person? I am in Estacada, which is 33 miles SE of Portland. So I am about an hour away.


Gary Kadrmas
Sure thing Gary, except, if the weather cooperates, I am driving it to Medford where I am based. I will be in Salem maybe 1 or 2 days to pick it up an visit family. If the weather doesn't cooperate, I am storing it in Salem until the weather gets better.

PM contact info.

Do you have the blue color #s,I really like that shade.It looks like a cop car in the background,already get stopped? Looks great!!!