Superlite Aero


I don't think they've gotten the first batch of cars out to customers yet as they were waiting on the brakes from StopTech.

Hopefully they've received them by now, because when I was there about 6 weeks ago Fran had around a dozen Aero Chassis in various phases of build. If so we should see owners taking delivery within the next month or two.

I've actually got an Aero on order. It was supposed to be ready in early December, but the brake delays could have impacted that. We'll see.

Joel K

I saw one being put together the first week of March when I visit d RCR. Car looked great in person.
Hey guys,

Thought i would post a few pics of my Aero-in-process. We are about 50% of the way through the build. We decided to make some modifications to the chassis and cockpit to safely accommodate my 6'3" frame. Slight weight penalty with the gussets but no price too steep for safetys sake. The car will increase in chassis rigidity as well.

Waiting on stuff like exhaust and rear wing end plates to get the car completed by Feb pending new Antares electronics package from cosworth.

The suspension work and design is bonkers. So good!


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Paul where will you be doing your track testing? I'd like to see it in person, especially since you've made the tall guy mods, a problem I constantly have with the cars I'd love to race.