Superlite Aero

Question for folks purchasing an aero. How do you plan to transport your aero? This car is shockly low. Is there some secret to loading it? Scratching my head on how to load it without dragging the bottom plate/front wing/rear diffuser.

Fran Hall RCR

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We loaded and unloaded the Aero at the PRI show in Indianapolis with a standard beavertail trailer ramp and long ramp extensions....

Once you have your particular trailer and ramp system sorted its easy...
Look at you Fran, all fit and trim. That side car racing must agree with you, eh?
Car looks pretty competitive too, Congrats.
Road A is localish to me fran. Is this a chin track event? Any issues if i come out and see the aero and meet you and your motley crew?

Fran Hall RCR

GT40s Sponsor
The car is with the customer , he came by last week and we poured the seat for him...not difficult at all.
Drove right into his featherlite trailer and off down the road.

We will be at RA all this weekend with him and some more friends


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beauty. this may be the route we take. dreaming of an slc for years but still working so many hours. going to be doing some track days at local track (I have 2 < 1.5 hrs from me) and if i long for more than my daily driver, will budget for this and a trailer.