Superlite Aero

(Info from Mr. Hall's previous post so it didn't have to be typed again......)

Chassis is already done, two on the shelf
Katech already building Dailey dry sump "Superlite Aero crate" engines
Transaxles in stock with LSD.
designed to accept a 6'5" tall driver
Steel tube frame chassis, CNC arms and uprights
Four piston brakes
Tilton pedals
Momo steering wheel
Selig 1223 rear wing 12 inch cord.
Infinity wiring (isis)
Superb custom 3 way adjustable shocks
Full CFD developed aero
Designed and packaged to fit into two race groups minimum at any NASA event with our lightly restricted LS3 engine package...
Wet weight with driver(200lb) sub 2000lbs
Full spec coming spec/one price/one package

Doug S.

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Center steered? I've always thought that an SLC with center steering would be a FINE option.

Obviously not meant for street use, though...but who knows what could be done with one...and a high HP LS3 in such a lightweight car ought to make it a REAL ROCKET!!!!


That is where I would drive one
I think that there's a market for a covered single-seater suitable for limited road use, although it's probably a little more price-sensitive.

Fran will have talked to lot sof potential customers though, and appears to have decided that it's track-only. It's not quite what I'd want (this isn't the thread for that), but it does look amazing.

Looking forward to weekly pictures ;)
No more pics coming until we are further along with the car...sorry fellas just leaving it at that for now.

The window opening is just an SLC for now, it will be different in production as the window will actually be the door itself, no hinging fiberglass door.The front fender armature is an LMP1 for current packaging and CFD purposes.

I will post full specs and the only format the Aero is being sold pretty is not being sold as a kit ONLY as turnkey race only package with sealed engine and trans.

Not going to be for everyone and neither is Guinness but that's the only way its coming to market for the foreseeable future.
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Doug S.

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#12 MSO, so no way to register it for street use?

...and what do you mean by "sealed engine and trans"? Does that mean specifically engineered to accept only the one drivetrain?

That is where I would drive one
Me, too...or at least where I'd WANT to drive it!

Great looking piece, BTW...I have always thought that a fendered (and not necessarily motorcycle-fendered) Indy-type car would be a hoot to drive on the street! Not an option on this product, I know...but maybe in the "UNforeseeable" future a possibility? I understand you can't market it as a totally in-house built turnkey because of the legal issues related to safety and emission requirements for "new cars"...but there are a LOT of "homebuilt" vehicles out there that are licensed as "Specialty Contruction" pieces and on the street, so.....?

Love the idea of making the door/window transparent, too...a stroke of genius, Fran...that lets the owner paint the portion that ISN'T the window to match the body, or at least that's what I'm imagining...although the idea of having the spectators be able to see the driver during the races might be WAAAY cool!

This is an exciting product :thumbsup:


Maybe I'm wrong to think this, but I wouldn't want a 100% Racecar as a street car. The SLC has already broken records at many tracks. And the best part is, you can share that experience with a passenger, up to 65-85 mph, depending where you live. There's nothing more addictive (in my life) than track time. The SL Razor I had was great on the street, but downright badass on the track. Even driving a 300hp, 1490 pound car on the street at 50% was a handful.

I guess I'm just confused as to why a person would want a mega powered single seat race car on the street. Of course, if you take "said" car to the track, then it's understandable.

This is going to be an amazing car at an amazing price. So much so that you could probably get the Aero and a D type for the price of a well built SLC.
Superlite Aero.

Single seat race car only

Sold as a Superlite Aero Spec race car.....NO MSO.

Sealed Katech built , Dailey dry sump LS3 engine

Restricted power 320 rwhp 400ftlbs to comply with NASA ST1 and Superlite Aero spec series rules.

Sealed 6 speed LSD G96 transaxle

Sold as turn key race car emissions required.

The chassis and suspension are designed as a package to work with the brake, wheel, tire and drivetrain package ....we already build open class race cars...the Aero is not an open class package...Spec and ST1 with Hoosier A7 tires

Turn key price of $65k includes tires/firesystem/belts...gelcoat colour choices

As I said full spec and details coming soon but I want to nip the streetcar...XYZ engine conversations in the bud from the start....

Engines in build with Katech
Transaxles on the shelf
Two chassis already completed

Obviously with the USA being as large as it is it will take a while for spec cars to appear Nationwide hence the reason for making the car fit into a power to weight class also...ST1.

Doug S.

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I guess I'm just confused as to why a person would want a mega powered single seat race car on the street. Of course, if you take "said" car to the track, then it's understandable.
I always said that if I ever built an SLC I would have Fran put in a roll-cage to discourage passengers from trying to get into the passenger's seat, might even leave the seat out and perhaps install an "anchor assembly" to hold an ice chest for refreshments or luggage in case a long trip was in order. I have no interest in having a passenger in a performance oriented automobile, and particularly not a significant experience has been that spirited driving is SO MUCH more enjoyable without all that impassioned crying and pleading emanating from the passenger's seat :stunned:

I think many of us relish the idea of a grown-up, overpowered go kart built for the street and this could well be the ticket. There are lots of places where it would be a REAL HOOT without having to go any faster than you just mentioned...mountain roads, that sort of thing.

I liked the Razor, but it's disappeared and the Aerial Atom is nothing that interests me b/c of the open nature of the construction. I like the Aero b/c it LOOKS LIKE it could be climate controlled and become a very usable road car, albiet one with a bit of an attitude.

It is not imperative to drive any car in an "all-out" fashion all the time, so a few creature comforts are welcome in my dreams!



its NOT a street car...the ground clearance is near ZERO and its not being sold with an MSO..same format as the SCCA Enterprises Spec racers and Legends cars

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its NOT a street car...the ground clearance is near ZERO and its not being sold with an MSO..same format as the SCCA Enterprises Spec racers and Legends cars
Couldn't that be addressed with some shocks with lifts? My GT40 is going to have about 2" at normal ride height but can come up to 3 1/2" when I need it to. Cruising that thing down the interstate or up a nice canyon would be a blast.