I am using lighted rockers for switches.

I was wondering if there are some "special" switches you have installed that are usefull?

Thanks for any input.

If you are looking for originality there are switches that you should search for. I am not one of those. I think your car should be built to suit YOU. I used the lighted ones and like the choice. Quick glance lets me know if it is on or off.I chose different colors so that the critical ones are red and the others are green

I agree - I have a small list that is generic.

I was just wondering of there were things switched from within the cockpit that may be after-thought or "gee, sure would be nice to force that on."

I'll cut two extras and block them over JIC.

Yeah - I plan on red, blue and green with feedback being yellow.


Ian Anderson

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One for each fuel pump or a cross over switch
one to manually overrun radiator fan
one fo interior light?????
one for additional fan to duct fresh air into cockpit
one for additional fans to blow throygh engine bay

List is endless

I've also created a switch that becomes an all in one washer. Normally they use just Off-Slow-Fast.

I got the idea from another GT40EC member years ago. It uses an old Rotary Lucas switch which does the usual Slow Fast if you turn clockwise; if you turn anti clockwise it gives intermittent; if you press the switch it activates the screen wash.

I've also configured my crossover switch for the fuel pumps to also make it select the fuel pick up too as I am only running one fuel level gauge.