Thank you Fran

Just wanted to send out a public thanks to Fran. He met with my friend and I Saturday (His day off) as i had a desire to build a Superlite slc. I had some concerns though due to my height at 6'5". As promised he could get me in one, but it was very tight. However, sitting at the front of the shop was a gorgeous all carbon fiber body gt-r. I can't say how gorgeous that was in person. Not in my wildest dreams did i think I'd like the gt-r as I thought it wasn't my style. Wrong!! I fit way better. It also had more room for bigger wheels, bigger engine.... Needless to say I'm sold. We're transitioning to a new home, but once that's complete I'll be joining the gt40 family. Thank you again Fran for your time and answering all our questions. We were both blown away by your knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail.