Jim's RCR GT-R build

When I was paying my supporter dues I saw that I originally joined this site Jul 16, 2005 and I have been hoping for a GT40 even longer, but you know, LIFE. I gave up 10 years ago and built a Cobra replica instead. I had some email exchanges in 2015 with Fran when the GT-R first came to life, but I could not swing it back then.
A couple years ago I was very close to buying a mostly complete GT-R that was a few hundred miles from home, but health issues got in the way. You are welcome Rob Hurley . Fast forward a couple years and some better health and I ran across a GT-R kit that is in the same condition as it was shipped to the buyer November 2021. The original owner decided not to build it, unfortunately it was on the other side of the country. After a couple months of discussion and flying cross country to see it, the deal is done.
I didn’t want to start my build thread too early for fear of jinxing it, but it finally made its way from New York to Oregon. Like any other service these days, the shipping was not easy. After one broker, two shipping companies and 3 drivers It took 5 days from the initial promised pickup date for it to be loaded. The shipping companies who would not show up at scheduled times and just ignore calls or texts.
For those who wonder, it is possible to fit everything that comes with the car including the Graziano (no motor) inside the car for shipping.
Let the adventure begin!!!!!
My car arrived hiding behind this 765LT in a beautiful color. Might be a sign I should paint the GT-R this color
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Ha Ha Love it. Ed is a great guy to deal with. I think you will be happier in the end doing the entire build yourself. There have been times I wished I had bought one like yours just because you really don't know what the other person(s) have done. I essentially have had to go over everything again just to be sure its right and torqued properly. I few things I have removed entirely and completed an entirely different way.

I know about health issues screwing with plans. I've been dealing with a few myself. As a buddy of mine said recently, related to old guy issues, "its better to have issues than not get to be an Old Guy". I always thought retirement would be heading out to the sunset and finally enjoying life. Getting old is not for wimps. :)

Good luck with your build. I will be following. If I can offer any assistance PM me your number. Several guys on here have help me a bunch!
I was unpacking parts from the car last night and was wondering what a couple things are. Tha ks for any help.
I now see it saws nose clips but not sure of their use or placement.


These are about 3ft long

I should have a scale in this, they are about 6 inches long. I have 2 in carbon fiber and 2 black gelcoat

Kurtiss H.

Hi Jim,
I remember receiving the car and some of the loose parts became a guessing game on what they were for... Took me awhile but I figured it all out (and I still have parts left over - LOL).
I didn't use the nose clips. I modified the front clip per H and others to create a hinged lid to access the battery and reservours and bolted the front clip down. The Five Star Tube Kit contains stand-offs to support and stabilize the side rocker panels just forward of the rear tires and also to connect the diffuser to the support frame. After you cut them to length, you'll need a RH and LH 1/4-20 tap to make them adjustable. Lastly, those are end sections for the dash and need to be cut to go around the roll bar.
Thanks for the reply Kurtiss.
Does anyone know if H is still selling parts? I have tried email and DM on this site but no replies. I was interested in the rear hinges and fog light buckets to start. thanks, Jim

Kurtiss H.

I talked to H this morning. He is extremely busy moving his shop to a new location and consolidating many years’ worth of parts and equipment. He does plan to offer the GT-R items again (fog light buckets, center console, door cards, wheel wells, clamshell hinges, brake lights and buckets, etc.). He’s asking us to give him 3 to 6 months to get situated into his new shop.
Can anyone tell me if this motor mount will work for a coyote. It came with the car and I am afraid it is for an LS. It is 8.5 inches high.
If it is for an LS can it easily be modified for a coyote?


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