Thank you james patton cav 82

I finally bought a car thank you james patton for selling me your cav #82 what a great car from a great person.the car now has a new home in roswell ga look forward to meeting gt 40 owners in ga thanks again james your friend john runyan !!
Great to see some more Georgians in the GT 40 crowd. There are a fair number here in the mostly Atlanta area. As soon as you get the car would be great to hook up. I am in Snellville and grew up in Marietta. So I know the area pretty well. Hope some of the others will chime in. You should have a good car in that CAV puts out a respectable product and follow through. Just finished putting a new windscreen on mine with the help of my daughter????? She isn't even a petrol head, but was willing to help me get it onto the car(was over for my birthday and I managed to persuade her). Took her for her first ride and she said it was fun and scary at the same time. She knew something was up when she buckled up the 6 point harness.
Have a friend in Athens who just finished repainting his 66 Road car. He wants to get the cars together for a Photo shoot. Maybe you would like to bring yours??? Enjoy yours as it will be a blast the first time you drive it.



John, congratulations on the acquisition of an absolutely stunning car. Jim put all the goodies on his CAV and you will not find another better anywhere. I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy it.